Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Yellow Can Be Prim

~ good morning friends ~

The color yellow reminds me of
~ gramma H's yellow Summer frock
~baby fuzzy chicks
~ goldfinches eating the seeds of sunflowers
~drinking lemonade under a warm sunny yellow sun

Can yellow be prim?
Why yes it can!

I continue with my yellow and white theme.
Yellow stone fruit with tiny white flowers.

Nighttime view.

Yes Ace
Even our sofa table is mustard yellow.
I took my gold striped flax bag 

added two pillows inside.

Yellow forsythia with pussy willows.

~sampler looks good once I added flowers to the crock~

A cozy Spring corner.
However no one is allowed to sit in this chair.
It is circa 1700's.

Real beeswax candles.

More yellow memories.

~the color of fresh laid straw
~golden wheat blowing in the breeze

Do you have any yellow memories?

Yellow Prim Blessings To All!


  1. Your home is lovely and so welcoming. I have fond memories of helping my grandmother can pear (yellow) preserves.

    1. Thank you Mildred! What a wonderful memory of your grandmother!!! Janice

  2. The living room is looking very beautiful.. and really very welcoming..

    1. THank you Krishna. Hope you have a great Mother's Day! Janice

  3. Your yellow theme is perfect for this time of year where you live. Finally the yellow flowers that are Spring are blooming and warm sunshine is happening on some days!! What I love is the way that you take a theme and create some subtle changes in areas of your home that lend a nice seasonal touch without having some major over haul. And that sweet Ace on the sofa just makes me smile!! What a perfect, and moveable, piece of home decor~~ LOL!!!

  4. I giggled reading your comment about Ace. He is our investigator. Always checking things out when I move things. He is in my next post too! I am glad you noticed that I do not move the heavy furniture around to create different looks. It is fun each season! Janice


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