Thursday, May 24, 2018

Blue and Gold

Hope everyone is enjoying their week thus far.
Tonight after work, we will be working
at our store to create our
Summer themed window.
Bob already created the other window
in a vintage retro theme.
Cannot wait to see what he did with that one.

Today I wanted to talk a bit about
crockery aka stoneware. 

American stoneware was very popular
in the 18th century.
Covered in salt glaze.
~ adding salt to the clay before firing ~

 A stylus was used to create the decorations
in the clay and then cobalt oxide was used
to create the blue designs.
Sometimes called blue slip.

This bird design is considered a blue slip.

However it also has a salt glaze towards the top.

Brown glazed stoneware on the otherhand
came from the Upper Hudson Valley
region of New York and is called Albany slip.
All eary crocks have this brown glaze inside. 

I purchased this jug from an Ohio dealer
a few years ago at a show in our town.
I had never seen a blue slip salt glaze crock before....
let alone a jug.
This was an amazing find!

Have you ever seen this combination before?

In other news, I am working on a 
July 4th giveaway.
So stay tuned for this coming soon!

Also this weekend I am going to try 
to complete my bath window curtain.
I finally purchased the fabric for this project last weekend.

I was going to weed my flower garden this weekend,
however Bob and my son did that yesterday for me.
now this gives me time to do other things.
Thanks guys! 

Have a great Holiday weekend my friends.
BBQ each night for dinner for us.
Hopefully a bonfire or two in the evenings...
depending on if the rain stays away.
Fingers crossed.
Whatever your plans are....
hope you have

Blue and Gold Blessings To All!


  1. a family picnic and some gardening this coming weekend (I do have to work Monday) I have lots of crocks a couple with a blue decoration on them. I use them for my onions and potatoes and one is used for a garbage can in my half bath and one full of bird seeds.
    I am trying very hard to use what I have.

    1. Hope the weather cooperated for your picnic. Did a bit of weeding this morning as Bob thought they were flowers in between our flagstone path. So glad to see you are using your crocks. I have stuffed stored in a few myself. Janice

  2. I have never seen a two toned crock with the traditional blue and brown top. This one is quite beautiful! What a great find.

    We are projected to get tons of rain this weekend from a tropical system heading up the Gulf from the Yucatan Peninsula. Looks like an indoor weekend coming up for all of us down here. Enjoy your BBQ dinners and celebrations. Hopefully your weather will cooperate!!

    1. Hope Alberto is not a headache for you. We had nice evenings and even invites FIL yesterday. It was a nice weekend! Hope yours was too! Janice

  3. The bonfires sound nice!! I love the beautiful crock. Have a great weekend

    1. thank you Leslie. Hope you had a great weekend yourself! Janice

  4. Hi Janice,
    I always enjoy my visits as I learn something new! Thanks for sharing about your wonderful crock! Love the blue bird!
    I love to collect Albany slip crocks and have a large cupboard full, but also have some of the blue salt glaze which I also love!! Such fun collections and so pretty, too! Your weekend sounds great and we will be doing some burgers on the grill!! Always a favorite!!
    Hope the rain stays away, too!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

    1. Thanks Julie! I also have a few Albany Slips myself. Hope your weekend was good. BBQ hamburgers sound good! Janice

  5. Loving the crock and can't wait to see bathroom curtains. Lucky you to have your flower beds weeded, mine will take a long time as i haven't started I have been moving rock so my pond can be reconfigured. It will be worth it need to get a cement guy to put in foundation for my Wabash cannonball train bell Even though i may not comment ,I do enjoy your blog You always have ideas. Have a safe and blessed memorial day

    1. Hope your pond gets done soon. One of my neighbors put koi in theirs and the heron ate them all...even though they had hiding spaces for them. Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Janice

  6. In north/central WI I've never seen that crock before. We have an abundance of RedWing, Crown, McComb crocks. If the weather holds out, we are helping our daughter and husband re-shingle/roof their old garage.

    1. Hope the garage roof went well.That is quite a project and am sure your daughter is very grateful. Janice

  7. Wonderful crock!
    Happy Memorial Day :) May God bless those who have served and continue to serve so that we may be free.

    1. Yes we all need to remember those who served so that we may be free! Hope you had a great weekend! Janice

  8. What a beautiful Crock . I've never seen one like it before Thanks for sharing Have a Great Memorial Day

    linda m

    1. Thank you Linda. I never o=saw one like this before either. Hope you had a nice weekend! Janice

  9. I too enjoyed learning about your crock. I love both the gold and the blue colors; and it is interesting to lean how they are made. BBQ's make these holidays so much fun. Hopefully everyone had some nice weather to enjoy the outdoors. This long weekend gave us time to do a lot of the bigger projects on the yard work. The sun was shining and it felt good to be outside. The BBQ is warming now and soon we will go out and grill our dinner. Happy Memorial Day!


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