Sunday, June 3, 2018

Americana Winner

I cannot believe it is June already.
Thank you all my friends
for all of your prayers and well wishes.
My mom's surgery was a success.
The hospital personnel were amazed my mom does not
take any medication for her young age of 83.
The surgeon was very nice and thorough.
At first I thought he was too young to be a surgeon,
but when he told us he had been doing this for 20 years....
well that put my mind at ease.
Now the recovery starts.
They had her sitting up for a few hours yesterday,
and walking a bit with a walker.
She will be released from the hospital tomorrow hopefully
and then to the rehab center.
Not sure how long she will be there....
but after that she will be staying with us for a bit.

Yesterday coming home from the hospital
I was a witness to an accident.
A gentleman ran through the intersection
hit the car in front of me a bit.
I immediately stopped.
The car spun around and continued speeding
towards me. I had nowhere to go,
There was a gas station to the left of me and cars to the right.
The driver at the last minute swerved,
ran up the embankment and hit the gas pump.
Fortunately the gas pumps did not explode.
I stayed and gave my statement to the police.
I thought the man driving might have had a medical emergency,
because he never braked.
It was like his foot was on the gas all the while.
Someone was with me as he would have hit me head on.

Onto the winner of my Americana Giveaway.

Sandy, Fran and Lauren guessed correctly
on my latest find.
Lauren opted out of the giveaway, 
therefore Sandy and Fran got 2 chances to win.

It is indeed a collar box.

The collars were still inside of this beauty!

The lucky winner of my Americana pillow is Linda!
Congrats to you!!!
Linda please email me your mailing info at
with your address.

Thank you to everyone else who participated.
More giveaways to be had in future dates.

Now I am off to go to the hospital to visit with my mom.
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Pre Americana Blessings To All!


  1. I am so happy that your Mom's surgery went so well and that she is able to start getting out of bed and moving. Hopefully her Rehab will go well and she will be able to regain her independent living. She sounds like quite a trooper!!

    Your accident sounds very scary !! Why to people drive like maniacs? I am glad you were not injured!! Hopefully today you are resting up after such a difficult weekend.

    Congratulations Linda !! Enjoy this darling prim pillow!!

  2. I'm very happy that your mom's surgery went well..

    Congratulations to the winner..

  3. Glad your mom's surgery went well, prayers rehab is a breeze. Congratulations to the winner. You sure have had a nerve wracking couple of weeks prayers that things look up starting now

  4. wow, that must have been scary! Glad to hear you mom is doing so well. A collar box ! I should have known that. Congrats to the winners.

  5. So happy to hear your mom is doing well and you escaped an accident. How scary that must have been. Congratulations Linda!

  6. Congrats to Linda.
    Happy to hear your,mom is doing well ❤️

  7. OMG! Your guardian angel sure was watching over you, Janice! Glad your mom is doing well. My mom has to have surgery on her back...two broken I know how you're feeling. Your giveaway was sweet!

  8. wow that is something to witness!! glad you are ok.
    nope did not think of that of course my mind was on alcohol

  9. I'm thrilled to have won. Will enjoy you're sweet pinkeep Thank you for offering this giveaway

    linda m


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