Monday, April 23, 2018

The Candy Jar

Is Now

Bob painted the logo on our window
that I designed.
He did a good job painting it...
even though the word "the"
is not quite in the middle.
He also did not do the letter "A" as I had drawn it...
but all in all he did a good job 
for not being a professional.
I am not a painter myself.
I can draw, but hate painting. LOL

We have all kinds of old fashioned candies.

I asked Bob to make this ribbon spool.
It makes it easier for me to bag up candy.
We bag up 1/4 lb ones using the pretty curling ribbon,
while the full lb goes into a paper bag.

Full of nostalgic candy in the jars
and new/ old candy bars on the shelves.

We even have a Good Humor ice cream cooler.
Filled with lots of yummy ice cream...
Choco Tacos, ice cream bars, sundaes, etc.

Some cotton candy and assorted snacks.
Goldfish, mini chocolate chip cookies,
mini Nabisco cheese crackers and others.
The bag candy to the right of the snacks.

Stick candy and swirly pop suckers.
Did you see any favorites you would like?

We also have our pretty vintage glass candy jars.
You buy the jar, 
we fill it with our jar candy for free.
A great Mother's Day gift.
We have already sold a few of these.

Our Grand Opening will be in a few weeks.
We will have face painting for the kiddos.
A coloring contest for them as well.
Plus discounts on the candy that day.
Fun will be had by all!

Thank you ~Thank you ~ Thank you
for your sweet comments on my rug.

I took the day off today to visit with my cousin.
She is coming into town for work and wants
to see our store.
I also have to get my oil change in my car.
So a busy day on tap today again.

It also might reach 70 degrees today.
Thank you Mother Nature
for finally listening to us over here.

The Candy Jar Blessings To All!


  1. Congrats! Everything looks great. My favorite is old fashioned clove candy stick. I love your idea of selling vintage candy dishes filled with your candy.

    1. Thank you Mildred. We do have the clove sticks! It was the first thing that sold. :-) Janice

  2. oh yummmy! Looks wonderful.
    we reached 65 I couldn't wait to get out of work to take a walk.

    1. It was 72 yesterday and me and my cousins spent a bit on our dock watching the loons. It was nice! Janice

  3. Congratulations!! your shop is like a fairy tale store.. yum yum yum

    1. Thank you Krishna. It was a dream of Bob's to have a candy store since he was in his 20's. His dream finally came true! Janice

  4. Just love you're logo . Congrats and best wishes for a great opening. What a neat idea to fill an antique jar with candy. Wish I lived closer for that idea Have a great week
    linda m

    1. Thank you Linda! Wish all of my blogging friends lived closer. Janice

  5. Everything looks wonderful, congrats on opening your store!! I love the vintage jar idea!

    1. Thank you Jessica! Cannot wait for the Grand Opening. It will be fun! Janice

  6. Congrats on finally getting the Candy Jar open. Sounds like a fun place!!!

    1. Yes it is Fun Lauren...but hard not to want to eat lots of candy each day. LOL Janice


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