Friday, April 20, 2018

Kitty Rug Progress

Sleet and snow once again
the other day.
I am afraid to look out the window
to see what today brings.
It's getting old Mother Nature.
Really it is.

Bob and I have been working most nights
at the store bagging candy,
working on the logo for the window,
and planning for our grand opening.
I will take pics and show you soon.

Today I wanted to show you the progress 
I have made on my kitty rug.

First I recently purchased 
this hook and punch frame
from Lori over at
Notforgotten Farm.
I love it Lori!

It beats using a hoop now.
I just lay the linen over the frame and hook away.

Decided to add a bit of green into this design.
Well its more like a dark turquoise.

Even though I added another row 
to my kitty's face below his nose...
I still was not happy with it.

So I ripped out another couple of rows of the tan,
and re-hooked it in gray to round out his face more.
I think it looks better now.

Maureen I took your advise and defined his paws.
I used a gray green color and cut my worms smaller.
Remember I do hand cut my wool strips.

Cathy I also started working the background.
Bob chose the background color and he did a great job!
It is a black wool with tiny flecks of red and blue.
It is going to look good once I add more of it.

I still am not definite on what to do 
with the middle diamond.
I drew the flower...

and I still like it...just not sure what color to make it in.

Bob and I have a wedding to attend on Saturday,
so I will not be able to work
 more on this rug until Sunday.
Hopefully the weather will cooperate.
Hopefully Spring will come soon.

What are your plans for the weekend? 

Rug Progress Blessings To All!


  1. we are getting snow as I type. I love your kitty. You have been busy with everything else. I am ready for spring now it's time for the warmer weather.

  2. The kitty is lookin good! Sounds like you are keeping pretty busy, if you could just keep the gloomy weather away it would help!

  3. wow!! the kitty is looking so sweet..

  4. kitty is looking so sweet. I hope you have a nice weather day for the wedding.

  5. Wow.. I love the kitty project. As for background color, I can't even choose one. I think any color that you use with look great.


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