Thursday, August 25, 2011

Waving the Green Flag

Yesterday after work I made the small trip up to Sanilac County to pay my respects to the antique friends that were unfortunately killed in a car accident earlier this week. Its been a long time since I have been to that particular funeral home and was unaware that they built a new facility west of town. Thank you Dee for pointing me in the right direction. If any of you plan on taking a shopping trip to Sandusky Michigan, Dee has a wonderful shop there called Denise Kelley Antiques.  Her shop is in an original Sears & Roebuck mail order house which was built in 1930 and you could purchase these homes from their catalog.

Before going to Dee's house, I stopped at another antique shop in town (Sandusky Antiques)that was still open and wouldn't you know I had the owner Greg measuring my car and this primitive door to see if it would fit in my car....thankfully it did, but he had to tie my trunk down. I'm sure some folks might have thought it was a little odd for me to be pulling into a funeral home parking lot with a door hanging out of my trunk...the things we antique dealers do. LOL

Afterwards driving back to my mom's house...I decided I was going to stay at my mom's for the night instead of driving before going back to my mom's house...for some reason I decided to make a stop at the cemetery where my dad, grandparents and great grandparents are buried in the family plot. My great grandfather John who married his cousin Rosemary was born in 1851. I started wondering what it would have been like living over 150 years ago...

Well that lasted about a minute or so, because I could hear thunder in the distance...and I hate storms more than my favorite dog Boots did..

By the time I reached my mom's house about 5 minutes later, there was a tornado warning for the town just south of her and the sky looked ominous to say the least. Thankfully no tornado touched down.

Later in the evening, mom and me, we went to dinner and watched some TV. My parents built their house in the 1980's. It is a 3 bedroom ranch, with each bedroom having its own color theme. Blue, red and pink. My mom sleeps in the blue room. My brother refuses to sleep in the red room anymore because he claims there are spirits in there. I do believe in spirits, however I have never had an issue sleeping in either the pink or blue room until last night.

I was in the pink room and something woke me up in the middle of the night. As I opened my eyes there was a person waving a green flag at me...I tell you ladies, I have never gotten out of bed so fast in my life to turn on a light. Once I turned on the light the person disappeared. Fearing that this image was still in the room, I turn on the dresser light and turned off the main light, but I laid in bed for about a half hour with my eyes wide open...I realized I had to get up quite early int he morning to drive back towards home and go to work, so I slept with the comforter over my head...I tell you, this had me really freaked out....

Once at work, I decided I needed to find some kind of meaning for the waving of a green flag...I needed to get some answers as to why all of a sudden I had this experience. I did find that waving a green flag denotes getting out of danger, but what danger was I in?

If anyone has an explanation or can possibly tell me why all of a sudden I am seeing spirits at my mom's house now...please let me know. I was so upset, that I did not even want to tell my mom, for fear she might be afraid of her own house....and this happened in a different room from the one my brother is afraid of...

Look forward to your comments on this one.

Take care everyone,


  1. Spooky! I have no idea what it would mean.
    I thought about you when I heard of the bad storm warnings in your area.
    What are you doing with your door?
    Have a good night.

  2. Janice ,
    Im no help on the spirits just glad your ok , apparently you stirred something up and brought it home with you thinking too hard or lingering to long may have caused a tag along ! really I dont know all I can say is Im glad you are safe , now take a deep breath and try to get back to normal . and lets see this awesome new door ! Have a great day !hugs lil raggedy angie

  3. Oh I so believe....and a house doesn't need to be old to be haunted....even objects within a house can have "attachments" if you know what I mean....And who knows - perhaps it was as simple as being safe from the storms in the area....That, my friend, is something you will never know for sure....Hope, for your mom's sake, her other house "guests" are a friendly sort! Have a wonderful weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Sounds like an interesting evening, but I'd be a little freaked out, too. To me green represents life, so maybe after a day when you were focused so much on the past and those who are no longer with us your spirit was reminding you to focus on all the good things in this present life as well? I do have to chuckle when I think of you arriving at the funeral with a door hanging out of your trunk. Sounds like your friends who died would have understood perfectly! ~Roberta

  5. Hi, Janice. I'm a new follower. *See my comment on your giveaway post page. Maybe the door you got came from the spirit's house, or perhaps your relative(s) when you visited the cemetery and reflected on living in the past.
    You avoided the storm like Robin said so perhaps it was that. It's freakish and unsettling but we've had "visits" from a spirit in a previous home so I believe you!
    Warm Regards,
    Susan B., Western MA


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