Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In Need of a Name

Every weekend I have been creating Fall items for the store.
This weekend I made up more cats, witches
and a one of a kind doll.

I am so exhausted from working full time.
Deciding what inventory to take to the store.
Cutting fabric, sewing, painting
and embellishing that after I created this dollie....
I could not think of the proper name for her.

WOW..I'm getting tired just typing. LOL

So my fine bloggers...
I am in need of a name.
I trust with all of your comments,
that you all will be able to assist me this small task
so that I can send her off to our store with a proper name.

So here she is.

For those of you in the shopping vicinity of our store,
Bob and I will be re-vamping the store Friday night
and we will premier our Fall collection of both antiques
and prim crafts for our customers starting Saturday.
If you get the chance, come on out
and enjoy some fresh made goodies on us!

Back Porch Antiques 
550 Broadway
Marine City, MI  48039

Look forward to what you all think I should name this little lady.
Please hurry, as she will be making her debut on Saturday.

Take care everyone


  1. Janice she is so cute..what a great job! I love the colors. Now a name...um I'm thinking. How about Miss Punky?
    Have a good night:)

  2. Love her Janice! Would love to see pics of your shop set up for fall too (hint!). Hmmm...how about "Goody Bittersweet"? ~*~Lisa

  3. Dont forget to breathe Janice, and Fudge is helping blog hop this evening and he thinks Jack-ee-O is a good one for this cutie ! But what do we know? we are awful at naming things ! Good luck with the redo and what fun for your shoppers and Im so with Lisa definately hint hint on shop pics! Dont forget my daily give aways this week ! Have a good one ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  4. Pumpkinina. Jill-o-lantern. Autumn. Fallina (Falleenna.) Betty Harvest. That's all I got! :)

    Blessings, Jessica
    blog: http://blessingsinthecountry.com/

  5. She is so neat and original. Good luck with getting the shop ready. Fall is here, ready or not. As for her name, Miss Primsy Punkintime
    comes to mind when I look at her. Hope you find a name for her before the shop opens. Can't have a doll with no name.
    Country at heart

  6. Miss Prissy Pumpkinhead.She is a cutiie.Take a little break sweetie.I know were you are.When we had the shop I'd run myself ragged too.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. She is sooooo cute! How about Autumn? I wish I lived closer. I would love to visit your shop.


  8. Hi Janice, Love the pumpkin doll, know what you mean I have been working and trying to sew fall items for three shops, lots to do, but loving it. Naming items can be hard, how about Miss Sadie Pumpkin. Take care Vicky

  9. Oh Janice - I LOVE her!! She is prim pumpkin perfectness!!! I so wish I lived closer so I could see you wonderful creations in person!! A name, huh? I have the best time naming things - and usually they roll through my head non-stop once I start thinking....but for her, only one name came to mind - so I'm thinking it must suit her....Bella. :o) Good luck with getting everything ready for the redo!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. Oh she is adorable.. How about Pumpkin Polly..


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