Sunday, August 28, 2011

Monday Montage

Can you believe Summer is almost winding down.
Here by the river, the nights are getting a little cooler,
Bob and I decided to have a bonfire on Saturday night.
The familiar stars were shining bright and we
even watched a few freighters go by as
their lights reflected a sparkling glow on the river.
Had a few friends over, and told them when a freighter was coming.
We can hear the soft rumble of their engines long before they come into sight.
I hope everyone else enjoyed the weekend.
Hopefully all of my blogger friends on the East Coast were spared.
4 Million folks without power is an awful lot and I pray that
they get their power back on soon.

Well on to another Monday Montage
This week I an featuring a few bottles that I have around the house.

This is a very old 1800's embossed Medicine Remedy bottle

The embossing on the side reads-
Blood & Liver Syrup
Ewwww...not sure if I could take this medicine

This one is embossed on the back which reads-
Blood Rheumatism Remedy
The original paper label is just awesome!
They sure liked making medicine with blood in it didn't they...

This Briar Rabbit Molasses bottle is my favorite for my Fall decor.
The label is orange with the face of a rabbit.

An early beer bottle and a 1951 Vernors Ginger Ale bottle; both from Detroit.
The glass on the Wegener's Beer bottle is pretty thick.

This is Bob's favorite bottle....Jack Daniels.

One of my milk bottles that I use as a vase for my handmade prairie flowers.
This Jack is an old favorite.

Hope you enjoyed the bottle tour.
Until next time.
Take care everyone


  1. A great bottle tour Janice. I think I will copy you this week. I love old bottles but packed some away. Get tired od cleaning them.
    Bonfires are so much fun!
    Enjoy your holiday weekend.

  2. Love old bottles - don't know why, something about how they reflect the light and bring to mind whose hands might have touched them so many years ago....You have some fun ones in your collection, Janice....I'm really liking that blood rheumatism one....that label is incredible!! Thanks for sharing! Happy Monday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Janice, love old bottles also. Love to use ones without labels for fresh flowers to display. You have some really neat ones.
    Sounds like you had a great weekend. A bonfire on the river bank sounds so neat. Maybe roasting marshmellows, just makes me want fall to speed up a bit. Love Jack on the old spring, too cute. Have a great week


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