Saturday, August 20, 2011

Farm Life

Spending Summer's and weekends at my grandparents farms
was an experience I will never forget.
Don't get me wrong, there were days I hated it...

Like cleaning out all of the barns, and then scrubbing the floors with bleach.
(Gramma H did not want the milk inspector to find one cobweb or a dirty floor anywhere)

Or having to pluck the feathers from geese and chickens for dinners.
(Gramma B used all of the feathers for feather pillows and down comforters) 

I also hated Gramma B's Bantam Rooster...
he was a little guy but would peck at my ankles every time I got near him.
I would not have minded plucking out his feathers and eating him for dinner! LOL

Farm life was not that easy; as I had daily chores to do, but I would not have traded it for the world. My parents' home was in the suburbs, so every chance I could get on the farms was a treat to me...really I loved it!

Gathering eggs daily, baling hay, shucking beans and corn.
Feeding the cows, horses, sheep, ducks, geese 
Rhode Island Red chickens and Bantams.
and of course the barn cats.
Also cannot forget about Boots (eskimo dog) & Snoppy (collie)
They lived on my gramma B's farm.

Gramma H had Holsteins and Black Angus cows and calves sometimes.
 Leghorn chickens, barn cats and Shaggy (collie)

All had to be fed daily....but these were chores that I enjoyed.

Great uncle Billy raised only sheep.
He was my grampa H's brother.
His farm was directly across from my grandpa's.

The best part when chores were done,
the rest of the day I could do whatever I wanted.

Climb on a horse and go for a ride.
Read a book out in a field on a sunny day with a piece of Timothy grass in my mouth.
Get in the go cart and take a whirl wherever I wanted to go.
Play in our very own playhouse!!!

Such was the simple life of FARM LIFE...

These pictures were courtesy of the Firestone Farm at greenfield Village.
You may notice the train in one of the pics.
Unfortunately, the farmhouses and barns of my grandparents are no longer.

Take care everyone,


  1. hi,Janice
    I have your family's farms pictured in my mind~ what wonderful memories~ okay other then the nasty rooster(LOL)~ I bet them pillows were so soft to lay your tired head on at dusk~

    I no longer have to clean for a milk inspector, since we have the Beefy's now~ but honestly I still have my times when I have to get the long handled broom~ cover my hair & mouth with a scarf & knock down charlotte's webs!!! SNEEZE!!

    Beautiful photos of the Firestone Farms~ would love to visit there!!Thanks for the tour~ and for sharing a walk down your memory lane~ I must say very enjoyable!

  2. Firestone farm is a great place and anyone who visits our area should not miss Greenfield Village. Love the stories of you on the farm - plucking chickens - Ewwwww.

    Loved seeing you and Bob today. I'm dreaming about that cupboard!!!!

  3. Wonderfully beautiful memories, Janice...And Firestone Farms looks like a little piece of heaven - so would like to see it some day. I had the pleasure/burden of growing up on a farm - would have loved to slip away a few days to stay in the "suburbs" - but now....I can't quite remember why....Wishing you a Sunday filled with blessings....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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