Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Montage

This weeks montage is all about a specific type of wood
 which is called  "Pumpkin Pine"

The state tree of Michigan is the white pine and
many of our founding forefathers were loggers
The logging business was quite prevalent through out
Mid Michigan and the Thumb area.

Pumpkin Pine is the term used to describe
the virgin middle or heart  
of really old White Pine.

Its this heart of the wood that has
this reddish orange hue to it
that over time turns into a pumpkin color.
The older the piece gets, the more pumpkin color it retains.
These pieces are getting quite rare.

It is because this pine is getting so rare
that I would like to share with you
two pieces that Bob and I have.

This cabinet is from the early 1900's

Close up

Pumpkin Pine Dough Box

Close up up the cabinet and dough box together.
The dough box dates to 1830.
The older the piece,
and if it remains in the light,
 the more it turns a pumpkin color. 

We have one other piece in our store that is made
 from pumpkin pie which is a butter churn.
However, recently we had stumbled upon another piece
from a fellow antique dealer and friend.
This piece was a one board top blanket chest.
It did not go with my other bedroom pieces,
so we opted to sell it.
It sold in our store 24 hours after we put it in...
and we forgot to take a picture of it.

So if you stumble upon some
pumpkin pine furniture yourself
you may want to keep it.

Take care,


  1. Hi, Janice
    pretty pumpkin pine~ love the cupboard!!

  2. Beautiful aging of the wood! Love the dough box.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. What an awesome cupboard and dough box and, I learned something new - I didn't know that about pine!

  4. I swoon over pumpkin pine each and every time I see it....and your pieces are no exception....Wow...that cupboard is heavenly...and the dough box gorgeous as well!! Lucky, lucky, you!!! Have a week filled with blessings ~ Robin

  5. Janice, Never knew that is what pumpkin pine was. Thanks for sharing and now I have learned something new today. Love your cupboard and the dough box. I am going to watch for the pine when we are traveling to Ohio next month. Thanks for sharing, Have a great week


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