Sunday, August 14, 2011

Monday Montage

Of course this weeks montage is going to be about the goodies I was able to find on the antique trail. I had fun finding treasures along the way, but was disappointed that the towns of Port Hope and Harbor Beach did not participate in the trail on Friday...

Bob said that Marine City was hopping with activity with both the antique trail and the towns Maritime Days Festival...and our sales reflected it! We simply love our customers and we love talking to new customers along with our regulars and was glad everyone was able to make it out this weekend, even though Sunday it rained all day and the outside was a washout.

In our store, we decided to have a sale where if you purchased $25.00 or more in merchandise, you had a chance to pull a ticket to receive 10, 15 or 20% off your total. We also had one ticket that was a $100 shopping spree on us. Although no one won our shopping spree, we had many lucky winners of every percentage category.

Well on to the pics. Hope you enjoy.

This mid 1800 handmade child's chair in original dry red paint.
The chair will go into the store,
but not this cutter quilt underneath.

A hand of tobacco which I already hung on our screen door.
I simply love the smell of this.
This black screen door goes from our kitchen to our back room,
and really swings open and shut.
It reminds me of the screen doors that both my grandparents had
on their farmhouses...I can hear them slam shut as I write this.

This vintage linen laundry basket will be store bound.

Along with this blue transfer ware bowl and pantry box.

This dry blue paint tool box probably won't stay long in the store.
Plus our customers love old school reader books and civil war items.

Even though this is not a prim item,
this Tole ware magazine holder caught my eye.

Loved the simple look of this plant table.

These items were all purchased at different places.
At the time I did not realize there was an egg theme going on. LOL
Milk glass egg holder, vintage egg poacher and vintage paper egg carton.
The 50's canister set is a complete set of four.

I have many more items, but not enough time to show them all.
However the cream of the crop, coupe de ville, best find of the trail
 this year...which I may keep for this beauty.

This 1800's children's glider horse.
Even though the saddle and right stirrup are missing,
this horse is still a beauty to me,
as these are getting harder to find.
The last one I saw at auction,
however someone did such a terrible job of re-painting it,
that I did not even want to bid on it.

Close up of the head.
I sure wish this fella could talk.
Imagine the look and the glee on that young child's face
when he or she saw this toy for the first time.
I know that my own grandchildren's toys would not be in this good
condition in the next hundred we have become
a throw away society I'm afraid.

Take care everyone,



  1. Janice, I am in love with all your goodies. You found some great treasures. I just love the horse. Nope, I couldn't part with it either if I were you. It is a great find. Thanks for sharing your items. Can't wait to see more. Have a great week

  2. Ooooeeee, Janice....You did awesome! You have some kind of wonder you have an antique store!! Love the chair, the old tool chest, the laundry basket, the pantry (arghh!! how hard are those to find these days!) and that horse...oh, that lovely, wonderful, glorious, horse! Hope you're keeping that beauty!! Thanks for sharing!! (Some of us don't have opportunities like that and it is good to be able to experience it even if vicariously!!) Happy week ahead! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Woo-hoo Janice! What a take! Love the chair & horse. We are a throw away society - very sad! Thanks for sharing these treasures! ~*~Lisa


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