Sunday, August 21, 2011

Monday Montage

A Civil War Remembrance 

Its hard to imagine having to go to war against my own cousins.
 However, I remember my dad telling me that his grandmother talked
about having relatives  fighting each other during the Civil War.
A war that even though lasted only four years...
lasted even longer in the hearts of those who lived through it.

Today's montage is civil war life, courtesy of the Sanilac County museum in Michigan.

Tent Life


Most of the comforts of home


Women were out there..some even became soldiers

Soldiers who fired the cannons became deaf.
Depending on what side of the cannon you were on,
was the ear you became deaf in.
The demonstration we were given that day
was only a third of the charge...
I even had to hold my ears because it was too loud.
What a horrible way to lose your hearing,
nonetheless there were those who did.

The re-enactors actually were cooking their meals over an open fire.

Abe Lincoln himself

Confederate soldiers getting photographed

Michigan Civil War Soldiers

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  1. Great, great, photos, Janice!! Thanks so very much for sharing! I would so love to see a re-enactment some day....The Civil War is near and dear to my heart....I devour any books I can find about it....Michigan might be as close as I can get to it! Do they do this all summer long? Wonderful post - especially loved the inside of the tent photos....sure beats a sleeping bag on the ground, hey? Wishing you a wonderful week ahead! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Janice
    thanks for taking us on the tour~ so interesting~ I know when I visited Gettysburg~ there is a feeling there you only can experience~ it was something I had never felt~ not even down South visting homes that were turned into museums from the war~
    Just gives me goosebumps~


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