Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Double Bubble

Toiling away
And Trying to stay out of Trouble...

And going a little Batty.
And A little Gourdie

Getting Chummy

And one a little Catty....

Peeps our kitty was trying to tell me
that these bats were multiplying
faster than rabbits.
He counted 21 and was getting worried.
Can't you tell by his face. 
I told him not to worry about the bats,
but the jacks. LOL

Just a few little goodies I'm creating for the store.
Don't tell Peeps.
But there is more to come.



  1. What an adorable post, Janice!! Love it!! And your Halloween goodies (and kitty) are all kinds of cute!! Love those bats!! Thanks for the smiles...Keep on toiling...your bubbling up some very fun stuff!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Working on bats myself this morning...too cute!! Love the Gourdies...great faces!! You can never have too many bats as long as they are NOT in the Belfry!!!XO

  3. Good morning Janice, Love the bats, and the way they are made to hang. Too cute, and the little pumpkins made me smile. Such cute faces. If all our fall creations could get together and do a dance and bring on the cool temp. and fall weather,,,, we could all be a tad happier. Have fun crafting.
    Oh, don't know how I missed your post yesterday, but love all your crocks. Great displays.

  4. Heeee-heeee....keep toiling away Janice, we won't tell Peeps! Love everything! ~*~Lisa

  5. O Janice , I so love your hanging bats and those lil jacks are too stinkin cute ! Your kitty looks as concerned as mine gets at times! I hope you are having a great week hugs lil raggedy angie

  6. I LOVE the bats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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