Sunday, December 3, 2023

A Long Winter's Nap

Good evening friends.
Hope the weekend is going good for you all.
Well for those that have been following me
for awhile now, know that in December
I post pics of our home decorated for Christmas.
The posts will be every other day now.
Hope you enjoy our bedroom,
where Tundra sleeps now most of the day.

This mitten is special tome because it was my dad's.
I do have the other one, just chose to use one
this year.

This is my newest Santa.
I just added a bottlebrush tree to the sleigh.

Of course the red long johns
need to make an appearance.

In other news,
yesterday we went to my mom's.
Took her to a Victorian Christmas dinner
which was held in an 1870 mansion in her town.
It was decorated with full trees in every room.
Appetizers were jumbo shrimp cocktail and
cheeseball and crackers served with champagne.
Our salad had mixed greens, dried cherries,
mandarin oranges, tomatoes, feta cheese
with a citrus viniagrette dressing.
I am not a fan of feta, but this salad was good.
Dinner was prime rib, green beans with walnuts  
tossed in a cinnamon brown sugar mixture 
along with mashed potatoes and gravy.
My mom had salmon with glazed carrots and rice pilaf.
We had red and white wine.
Dessert was a lemon meringue pudding.
Cherry cordials for after dinner drink.
Caroling songs before and after dinner.
It was very nice.
I was celebrating my 65th birthday
and we decided my mom would love to go....
and she had a good time as we did too.

We are finished cleaning out Bob's dad's place.
Many boxes are in our living room.
Not sure what we are going to do with this stuff.
Neither of us want it, so will just go through
and decide then what to do.

Winter's Nap Blessings To All!
(I needed a nap after last nights dinner LOL)


  1. Your home looks great! I love all your decorations, and especially like that you have your Dad's mitten out.
    DInner with your mom sounds nice - except the feta. I'm not a fan either!

  2. I love everything! I have a couple Santas like you have in your first picture.
    That Victorian Christmas dinner sounds wonderful and so much fun.
    Happy belated birthday!!!

  3. Your home as well as your shop keeps getting better and better as the years go on. Great decorations.

    aI love that fancy menu and just wish that I could have sampled some great food. I love food, even feta cheese. I guess, its a no brainer since I LOVE Greek food and they use a lot of feta.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Love that you have your dad's mitten. That is so special. I have my dad's sled, he had as a kid. I'm a keeper of such things - they are treasures for me as well, as decorating pieces. I love your home and those primitives'. I used to say I wish I lived inside a antique shop - minus the dust of course.

  5. Sweet decor as always Janice! Your Dad's mitten is a wonderful way to remember him and have him in your holiday. That dinner sounds very yummy and even the Feta...I'm Greek, it's part of my DNA! Sorting through our loved ones things is a hard task and I hope it goes smoothly for you and Bob. Enjoy that nap!

  6. Give me Santas and trees all year and I'll enjoy looking at them.
    The Victorian style dinner attended by you and your Mom sounds very special!
    Happy Birthday to you, Janice, and many Returns of the day!

  7. Love your red and white quilt on the bed!!

  8. Your Victorian dinner sounds so fun and delicious. :-) Sending a hug for going through stuff... not easy to do.
    I love the tree in your bedroom and your new Santa.

  9. Happy Birthday, Janice! Your celebration sounds lovely. And so is your home. I love that quilt on your bed!


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