Tuesday, December 5, 2023

A Few Santas

 Good evening friends.
Today I am showing off
a couple more Santa's.

This new Arnett Santa
was a birthday present to me.

Aint he just adorable.

He fits right in with my antique hooked rug
 in the background.

This is my new prim tree that my
friend Ruth made for me.
Next year I will plan out how to
decorate it better.
I just wrapped a ribbon around this time. 
It does have a velvet star on top.

I raided the tree in my mom's town
for these chestnuts.
I paired them with some faux blue juniper
greens and berries.

Next up is my display at the end of our hall.
This hooked rug is also an antique.

This prim Santa was purchased at a home party.
Before I started making items myself,
I went to this event held by three friends,
who made all kinds of Christmas goodies.
I placed some faux lil apples in a pewter bowl
with a faux spring of holly.

In other news,
working back in the office,
I realized that I will now lose
6 hours a week on the road. UGH

Bob stayed home yesterday and I came home
to all of the boxes gone in the living room.
He went through them all.
He said it was all junk and will go out in 
the trash this week.

He also made dinner for me this evening.
Spaghetti with garlic bread.
So very glad as I am beat.

I hope everyone is enjoying their week thus far.

Santa Blessings To All!


  1. It all looks good. I like pewter and I like the dish with the chestnuts.

  2. Love both antique rugs you displayed as well as the Santa's. I have a few Santa's that I've made and thought of bringing them out to display but changed my mind , or at least for today. Wonderful hubby you have to prepare dinner for you!

  3. I like your new Santa! Good idea to use those chestnuts too.
    That Bob is a keeper!

  4. I have quite a few Santa's. I collected them at one time.
    Love your Santa's!!

  5. I love your antique rugs, especially the floral one. Such Christmassy colors and the chestnut decoration is beautiful. I usually buy chestnuts every year but they have gotten very pricy lately so I left them there this year.

    Your lucky that Bob cooks for you. He's indeed a keeper.

  6. Charming decorations, they make a lovely home.
    Happy Spaghetti!

  7. Your Arnett Santa is just perfect in front of the antique rug!
    Sorry you are spending so much time on the road now that you are back to work, but just think of how many hours you gained over the last nearly 4 years of working from home...and maybe it won't seem quite so bad.

  8. Driving up and back to work is a real burden for sure. I had to commute over an hour each way and longer during the winter months back when I worked full time-and I am a person that does not like to drive, so I can relate.
    Love your santa and tree and really all of your photos. so nice of your husband to make the meal too hugs

  9. How wonderful you got your decorations out and they look wonderful. Sorry you are back to commuting again

  10. Sorry about being back in office and the lost time. One thing I absolutely do not miss about working since retirement is the commute. Not just the lost time and gas money, but the other drivers. There's a reason I got a dash camera :-/

    Your Santas are sweet!

  11. Janice: Love the way you put things together. Your Santas. are amazing and I love the tree your friend gave to you. I would love to have an Arnett Santa. Isn't it nice to have a helpful hubby? Merry Christmas..xxoJudy

  12. I love the Santa's and the way you decorate, you have a true gift.
    Sending hugs for the commute, no fun!! And a high fives to your Bob for making one of my favorite meals. ;-)


  13. What a terrific collection, I love them all. Sorry about the commute -- it sounds grim.


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