Thursday, December 7, 2023

A Cozy Christmas Guest Bedroom

Hello friends!
Today I feature the room my mom
sleeps in when she stays with us. 

In other news,
lately we have been having more rain than snow.
The snow we do get is just flurries.
A bit unusual for us here in Michigan.
I just hope we get some for Christmas.

Bob and his cousin went out for lunch yesterday.
He brought back some Lebenese food for me.
Dinner was stuffed grape leaves with pita bread 
along with lamb meat pies.
Another night I did not need to cook.
He is going to spoil me...
Working from home today,
so my turn to make dinner.

Well off to work at my desk here 
in my living room.
At least I can still work from home
two days a week.
Yes Lauren I was spoiled working from home too.

Cozy Blessings To All!


  1. Warm and cozy I bet your mother loves to stay there.
    Any day you don't have to cook dinner is a wonderful bonus.

  2. What a pleasure to sleep in a bedroom , like this one for your Mom!
    Lebanese food is quite a treat!

  3. I would love to stay in that room!
    Yes, the weather is crazy. Supposed to be 50 degrees tomorrow!

  4. I love the Colonial touches you have been adding to your home; especially the little girl in the red dress picture and your coverlets!

  5. That looks like a great space to spend a couple days. Enjoy your mum's visit. We too have not had much cold weather in Ohio. The weather man described it as highly unusual.

  6. A lovely quest room. Your mom probably never wants to leave. :)

  7. Your holiday decorations have a very homey warm and cozy vibe.

  8. I love the decor.. I spy the amaryllis.

  9. Any guest to your home will be enchanted with their room! (And your dinner sounds wonderful!)


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