Sunday, May 1, 2022

My Latest Finds

Hello friends!
Hope everyone is doing well.
Cannot believe it is May already.
Where have the months gone. Really??

When I saw this rug,
I picked it up immediately.
Although there is a lot of green in this...
and for those who know me.
know I am not a real fan of green.
It was the red that made me want this.
This rug was coming home with me.

Now for Saundra, here is the back.
Someone added three loops tp hang,
Unfortunately I do not know the date this
was hooked, but peeking under 
the binding it was definitely hooked on burlap.
An older burlap too.

As you can see by the close up,
the cream background wool 
is a much duller color now.
I think this is what drew me to this rug.
There are a few minor issues to it,
so my guess it was hooked in the early 1900's,
then someone decided to add the binding tape
to hang it on the wall to preserve it.
It will once again hang on a wall,
so stay tuned for a future post when I do.

My next purchase was this ironstone pitcher.
Ironstone was created in the United Kingdom.
At the time it was a cheaper mass produced
alternative to porcelain.
Who would have thought now it would 
be more expensive to collect these pieces now,
while porcelain has lost its value.
This one is circa 1820.

This wheat pattern remined me
 of my gramma and grandpa H.
They grew wheat on their dairy farm.
It has some wear around the rim, but I dont care.
In good shape for being over 200 years.
Hopefully it will last 200 or more.

Finally this makedo light.
This is not an antique, but it too caught my eye.
I should say the mallet that comprises this light
is the real McCoy though and an antique.

Take a gander at the wear on the end.
I just love how someone thought
to re-invent this piece into a light.
The iron spike is a repo as well.
Without making into a light,
after all who would want a wood mallet?

I was sad that I was unable to visit my other
friends antique store.
However in August I will make sure to visit
when my mom and I do our yearly 
antique trail jaunt.

In other news, looks like our Redbud Tree,
Red Twig Dogwood, and Lavender
all have died over Winter.
Not sure what happened.
Now we have to redo our front garden a bit.
The one shrub I wish would die has multiplied. UGH
It will be going bye bye anyway.
The Tulips are just starting to bloom.
My mom lives an hour North of me,
and her Tulips have bloomed already.
She is usually 2 weeks behind me with flowers.
Very odd I am behind her this year.

I saw my first male and female Cowbird
the other day.
Have never seen this bird here before.
Have not seen the Herons or Egrets yet either
come back for the season.
Very odd again.

Well off to work the gift shop 
while sewing Halloween goodies in between customers.

Have a great day my friends!

May Day Blessings To All!




  1. Great rug and a very sweet ironstone pitcher!

    1. Thanks Lauren! I was happy with my purchases. Janice

  2. some very nice finds I love ther Ironstone. I do not go out much to antique stores anymore. I am in pare down mode. Well except wool that is lol. things are just starting to get going right now in our area.

    1. Yes and the ironstone only cost me $23 dollars. LOL on buying more wool! Janice

  3. I finally saw Harry and someone in the neighborhood has spotted the egret. Everything here is very late this year. I love your new rug and the ironstone. Pity about your trees. Are you sure they are dead and not just slow?

    1. WOOHOO. I drove through our marsh today and still no herons or egrets. Did see lots of muskrats though. Janice

  4. Thanks for posting a photo of your newly purchased old rug and the back, just for moi. I tried tapping on the photo to see if it is cotton, wool or yarn but your blog doesn't allow for that like mine does, I guess. Love your wheat designed ironstone, what a treasure.
    I have seen many cowbirds in this neck of the woods, and sadly I used to grow lavender here but the plants got too woody and died.

    1. It is wool strips. Guess I should have said that. Janice

  5. It's fun when something "speaks" to you when shopping! Your rug is lovely and I'm sure you'll find the perfect spot for it. However, that lamp looks like it could double as a home defense tool! Watch out for that spike! So sorry about your trees. I hate it when the plants I love don't make it but the weeds or other things seem to thrive! Hopefully Spring will continue in your area and more things will bloom!

    1. Yes love it how it spoke to me...the rug and pitcher that is. The light could be used as a weapon. Never thought of it that way. Janice

  6. I love the rug and I love that it has green in it. I've been starving for green. I' m so happy that the grass is greening up around here
    What a sweet find that antique pitcher is. I also clicked to enlarge the photo of the rug and although I could not enlarge as much as I wanted, it does look like it's hooked with wool strips. A lucky find also

    1. Yes the rug is hooked with wool. Wising for warmer temps outside nd green out there too. Janice

  7. Such wonderful finds...can't wait to see what you do with them. I found a similar hook in our barn (yes, something else that I felt had to come inside before it was lost!) From what I read, it's called a drive-in hook. No need to drill a hole, just pound the pointed end into the wall and the hook is set. The daffodils have come & gone here, and lilacs are just starting to bloom...always my favorite as my grandmother had a long line of them between her home and the dirt road. I should plant more! Take care, Mary

    1. I already hung the rug and made displays with the others. Will show soon. I have a few of those drive in hooks. One is even meant for a candle. Awesome find on your part too! Janice

  8. I agree! Where did April go? But we have gotten so much more done in the yard than in previous years. Raking, mowing and the last two days spent pulling and cutting grapevine and bittersweet out of pine trees in the yard. Glad to get that done! I love the ironstone pitcher, so pretty and what a pretty rug! I hope to get out to do some shopping soon. Jan in MA

    1. We have to redo our front garden now with the loss of so much. UGH The weeds always manage to grow though. Janice

  9. Nice finds! Yes, cool redo! We are headed to Holland, MI next week for the Tulip Festival. My MIL treated for a bus tour for my SIL, husband, MIL and myself. It's been on our bucket list. My lavendar may have died too. It's looking pretty sad. Happy stitching on Halloween

    1. Are you taking the car ferry over from WI on Lake Michigan? The tulip festival is really nice. You will have fun. However Holland is really a college town when the festival is over. Janice

  10. Happy May to you my friend. I agree, the days are flying by! I enjoyed seeing your treasures.
    I have some plants that did not overwinter well and may have died.

    1. Yes before we know it, it will be Autumn again. Janice

  11. Hi Janice! What a lovely rug and oh, the pitcher - gorgeous! Jane

    1. Thanks Jane! I had fun shopping for a change. Not often do I get to do it anymore with me working and working the store on weekends. It was a treat! Janice


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