Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Better Late Than Never

Good morning friends!
Well I forgot to show you my pics
of the living room Easter displays.
Better late than never so they say.

Fabric bunnies with my chocolate box.

This is the bunny that when given
a dye bath came out way too dark.
The same egg will be shown in my last pic...
that one not coffee stained.

I paired the bunny with these antique
cast iron door stoppers.
Both are flower baskets.
I remember gramma B having one of these.
They are pretty heavy.
Do you remember these?
There were all kinds of different ones. 

Also added a brown pantry box
and one of my topiaries.
(these are usually on my fireplace mantle)

Changed chairs here.
Brought in the prim one with a Spring quilt.

On the prim table now.

These faux eggs were inside a smaller
black pantry box.

Decided to add this prim doll to the horse.
Underneath the rye basket holds my child shoes.

My very first doll I created using
stained muslin and a piece of antique ticking.
I still love her!

Finally this one in our bath.
See that egg.
Next year will need to lightly stain them.

In other news.
More snow for us it seems. UGH
When is Spring going to stay?

One week from now I head back
to the new office where I will be working from.
Just Wednesday and Thursday.
Tundra will now go with Bob to the store.
We do not trust him at the house
by himself with the kitties.
Another adjustment for him as likes
his routines. LOL

Please say a wee prayer for one of my
blogging friends.
She just found out she has breast cancer.
I do not want to mention her name,
but it was a small tumor and well,
I always believe in the power of prayer.
You all are the 

Better Late Than Never Blessings To All!


  1. Prayers for your blog friend. You always amaze me with all of your changes I struggle to just keep the dust away and I lose that struggle a lot

    1. Thanks Cathy. She does read my blog, so I am sure she read the comments. I have to move things around to keep myself organized. LOL Janice

  2. I do remember those cast iron door stoppers. I still have my very first doll and the yarn I chose for the hair was not the best choice. Guess that is why it never sold but I don't have the heart to get rid of her. Will keep your blogger friend in my prayers.

    1. Thanks for keeping my friend in your prayers. Glad you kept your doll too! Janice

  3. Praying for your blog friend. I do believe with you in the power of prayer.
    I always enjoy seeing your decor.
    Good luck with the drive to the office. Please keep us updated.
    And we too have snow, cold and more snow on the way. Think Spring! Think Spring!! Think Spring!

    1. Thanks Carla. Prayer is powerful! Will keep you updted with the drive to work. Janice

  4. These are lovely, Janice. I always enjoy your displays. I like your bunny dark, but if you didn't want it that way could you quickly dip it in a bleach and maybe lighten it? Just curious -- I don't know these things! And prayers for your blogger friend as well.

    1. Thanks Jeanie! I love decorating. I will see what bleach does. Thanks

  5. So sorry about your blogger friend having breast cancer. I'll keep her in my prayers.

    Your Easter decor is lovely. I would be too lazy to change decor all the time and like Cathy, I struggle with even removing the dust, lol...

    Hugs, Julia

    1. Thanks Julia. I move things around to keep myself organized. LOL Janice

  6. Sending prayers for strength & comfort.

    The Easter & Spring displays are terrific...I always struggle with spring since I feel the need to use pastels, but they just don't seem to fit with my other colors. You showed some great prim the door stops, as so many doors in this old house seem to never want to stay put, those would be so useful!

    1. Thanks a bunch! Not much pastels in this house. LOL More blues and reds. Janice

  7. I am in good company! I rarely change things and the dust...well that is another!
    Prayers for your blog friend. That C word is so scary.

  8. Yes so very scary and hopefully she will be fine. Thanks for the prayers. Janice

  9. I love your first prim doll. No matter the season she always fits right in.


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