Friday, May 13, 2022

Rug Placement

 Happy Friday the 13th my friends!
I have a friend who will not leave her house
on any Friday the 13th.
We worked together until she retired,
and whenever this day came along,
she would either call in sick or take
a vacation day.
She was that superstitious.

I am thrilled over the moon
where I decided to hang my latest rug.
My living room is mostly red, 
so this is where it will stay.
Well its on the hall wall.
My current display has my Memories pillow.
Wood hornbeam with faux fern and lavender
on top of a rye basket.
Also my newest makedo light.

Two more rye baskets.

I folded over this primitive looking runner.
I like that it is double sided and heavy.
Am selling these in our gift shop.
Get them before they are gone if you want one.

I asked Bob to raise my man picture
so the rug would look nice here.
Sorry about the glare.
It is from our window in our front door.

This display will stay thru June.

For those that love my faux dandelions,
they are once again out for the season.

The entire display is on my drysink.
I added a breadboard to the left to raise it a bit.
The two rye baskets sit inside.
Huge Wood bowls below always stay put.

In other news.

On Mother's Day my son surprised me
at the store with these beautiful roses!
They are as pretty still today.
My daughter and kids were sick with colds,
and did not want to infect me.
She called which was fine with me.

My commute to work,
is just brutal.
Am so tired when I get home,
that take out is the dinner that night.
3 hours on the road & 9 hours at work. UGH 

The only bright spot is going through the marsh.
The main road goes right through it
for over a mile,
with water on both sides at times.
It is 120,000 acres filled with wildlife.
This week I saw the swans but no babies.
Muskrats, coots (black ducks)
A goose family with their babies,
Mallards and Canvasbacks.
Still no herons or egrets.
You have to be careful as sometimes
their are turtles crossing, muskrats
and the swans.
There are signs posted saying wildlife area,
but lots of folks don't care.
I try to keep an eye out as not to hit anything.

 So sorry I have not been commenting back
to your comments.
I so appreciate them.
Will go back and respond in a few days.

Was so exhausted last night I went to bed
before it even got dark.

Well off to work at home today...
thank god.
Have a marvelous weekend my friends!

Friday The 13th Blessings To All!


  1. Your new antique looks lovely there. I empathize with you on the city travel as once I had to do that and am squeamish even remembering.

  2. Yes, commuting gets old fast. I did nearly 2 hours a day for 39 years. Some of it was car-pooled (hated it) which had it's own issues, then the last 15-ish years the traffic became crazy, at least by Iowa standards. So much so that I got a dash camera just in case I needed to cover my behind if needed.

    The flowers DS got me are not doing nearly as well as yours are. I like your June display, the new rug is very pretty.

    1. WOW 39 years doing 2 hours is a long time as well. I know I wont be doing it for that long. Janice

  3. Love your pretty out rug & display !
    My niece is getting married today , her favorite day is Friday the 13th !!!!
    Driving just isn't fun anymore !!!!

  4. Oh my, that is a long drive. At least you have the wildlife area to drive along. That would bring a smile to me too. I like muskrat. We use to have two that we watched on our daily walk, but I think someone trapped them, we no longer see them.

    I enjoyed seeing your display. :-)

    1. Unfortunately I see lots of dead ones on the road. Folks driving just dont care. Dead turtles too. Janice

  5. Your display is lovely as usual. I love the faux dandelions.
    The rug looks really nice on the wall.

    3 hours on the road seems like a very long commute. I avoid the busy highways as I can and usually go the slower and longer way.

    May is a very busy month for me, with caring for the garden and yard until I'm ready to drop.

    It never dawned on me it was Friday the 13th today. Maybe it's because I'm not surreptitious.
    Take care.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. I have loved my faux dandelions since I purchased them years ago. Bring them out every Spring when the real dandys come out. My maternal gramma was born on Friday the 13th. She never was superstitious. I'm not either. Janice

  6. Great display as always...that rug is a treasure. And those dandelions get me every time LOL. I used to try to embrace Friday the 13th and used to have fun with it....however, a few of my worst days have been Friday the 13th's....including when I fell down our circular stairs, broke my leg and messed up things in my knee forever. I'm just keeping a low profile today. ~Robin~

    1. Oh no that really sucks falling down the stairs. A friend of ours has a circular staircase and I hate going up and down that one. Janice

  7. Hopefully you can retire no more commute!!!

    1. Unfortunately I have 2 more years. UGH Counting the months now. Janice

  8. I love your rug. It looks great hanging on the wall under the photo. Your coverlets are really nice. Sorry things had to change and you have to commute to work again. The same thing happened to my son; he now has to be at the office (two hours away) 3 days a week. He enjoyed working from home in his own little office. Some people embrace Friday the 13th. I always give it some thought and try and be careful on that day.

    1. Thanks! They are thinking of making us go in for three days soon too. I dont want to do another day. I feel for your son too. Friday the 13th does not bother me at all. Janice

  9. Oh that sweet rug, love it! I spied one a few days ago about the same size, only to be disappointed there was a "NFS" tag on it. Oddly for us, Friday the 13th brought good daughter and I treated ourselves to a Starbucks refresher, and the young man behind the counter added sweet cream (which we didn't order) I let him know it was no problem...cream is fine with me. But he felt badly, remade the drinks, and let us keep all of them. What a treat! And yes, 3 hours a day has to be exhausting...sending wishes that the shop will overflow with oodles of buyers and be so overwhelmingly successful you can stop that long commute! Mary

    1. Oh I would have been disappointed if I saw a NFS on my rug. Wonder why someone would have a rug as a display and not sell it...but that did happen to me once. I was using one of my quilts as a back drop and Bob sold it on me. UGH We dont have a Starbucks near us, but I do go to Tim Horton's on the weekends. They have messed up my order before and told me to keep the bad one. I think with Covid they cannot take things back now. Janice

  10. That's such a long drive! I know how it feels to be so tired after work and I only have about a 10min. commute! But going back to work after retiring has proven to be rough on some days. I'm playing it by it maybe a year and then I'll decide if working, even just a few days a week, is worth it! Your decor is lovely as always. I did laugh about the faux dandelions. I have a yard full of them and I'm ready for them to be gone! We don't spray the yard because of the dog so it takes a few weeks before they are done for the season. Have a good week and be careful on your drive. I may only drive a few miles but it's in the country and deer are the things I have to watch out for. Take care!

    1. I am sure you will make the right decision. No dandys here yet outside, but am sure they will be popping out soon. When I drove to my other office that was my only concern too...those deer. Janice


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