Monday, May 9, 2022

Look Who I Adopted

So a few weeks back I received a text
from a friend who wanted to know if I wanted
to adopt two of her cuddlys.
Meet my new fur babies.

Now this friend has quite the collection of these.
Of course I said yes immediately.

This cutie she named Peanut.
He is American made circa 1918-1920.

She named him Peanut because of how large he is.
It was a joke.
She names all of her bears.
I was quite surprised she wanted to part with these.
Doesn't he have the cutest face!

This adorable one is also American.
His name is Elmer.
He is a blonde mohair one.
Circa 1908-1909.

I just love his smiley face!

I had to give them one of my own friends,
so I tucked in one of my sock kitties
so they would get use to their new home.

Since I put away all of my Easter displays,
I figured they would be a perfect fit here
to greet friends and family when they come in. 

A perfect pairing don't you think?
They will keep each other company 
for a few months here. 

When I first brought out 
this chair from the bedroom,
my kitties took turns laying on the pillow.
They have since found a new space to lay.
(This is Ace)

Thank you Tracy for letting me adopt
your adorable teddies!
They will be loved and cherished.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day!
I took my mom out for dinner on Friday night.

Adoption Blessings To All!



  1. So sweet that they were shared with you and found a perfect kind of her. I hope things are well "up north" and you're enjoying spring!

    1. We had some storms roll in this afternoon but we needed the rain. My friend knows I am a sucker for teddies. :-) Janice

  2. Oh my, what sweet bears.
    Happy Monday to you! Hope you have a great week.

    1. I think for my June CupboardScape, I am going to put all of my teddies together. Janice

  3. I'm so glad that you got gifted these very charming bears. How lucky for them and for you. A nice surprise and they fit right in. Everything worked out well and they can claim the chair for the time being.

    1. Yes, the kitties are a bit put off now, but oh well. LOL Janice

  4. Ahhhh, what precious little fellows you have taken in! I have such a soft spot in my soul for ol' teddies...but I think you already knew that the way I always gush over the ones that already live with you. Lucky you!!! And they look especially at home in that wonderful chair of yours! ~Robin~ (woohoo....looky looky....I am commenting!!! I still can't from my ipad, but can from my pc. So very strange....)

    1. Yes I have a soft spot for teddies too! I have heard folks are having issues commenting on their phones, but can do so on their computers. Also it seems whenever someone comments on your blog, I get the emails. Not sure if you have my email for your comments to go to, but I got all of them from your Mockingbird post sent to my email. Gremlins I say. Janice

  5. very sweet bears. They look good in your home

  6. Elmer reminds me a bit of my childhood Steiff bear, which I still have. Tattered but loved. What sweethearts have come to live with you!

  7. Peanut and Elmer are adorable and they look so sweet with your little sock kitty on that chair. I don't have any antique bears but my daughter had a visit from a real bear last night - it went over a four foot tall fence, crushing it in the process and ruined a perfectly nice bird feeder! I'm just glad that their dog didn't tangle with it. Enjoy your new adoptees Janice! Jan in MA

    1. Thanks Janice! I will keep my teddies and your daughter can keep the real ones. WOW. I will NEVER forget the time a mama black bear to the arm off my dad's Winter jacket one time. That was scary. Janice

  8. Ooh, those two cuties look right at home in their new house. What a sweet friend! Jane

    1. Yes I so love them and they fit right in! Janice


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