Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Living Room

Hello my friends!
May is almost over.
I am on vacation until after Memorial Day now.
I will be gardening, crafting, cleaning and grilling
weather permitting.


This is where I decided to hang Dancing Rabbits.
It looks a little wonky though. I will need to fix it.

On this wall of our living room.

Decided to snap more pics of this room.
Bob made the red cabinet in front.
One day I will look for some paint chips
that will match more of the antique red
cabinet in the back...but for now it stays this color.

View looking from our front door.

We have hickory wood floors throughout our home.

This rug is an antique rag rug.
It has a center seam as looms in 
earlier times were not this wide.

Another view.

I traded out our red chair to this
for the Summer months.

This is another antique rug.

The back for Saundra.

Finally a simple display of some of my
baby shoes just tucked in a wreath.

In other news,
Mikayla's birthday party was nice.
The weather was cool, but at least no rain.

Speaking of rain,
on Saturday morning about a half hour
before opening the store,
a severe storm rolled in.
I became concerned when the hail started.
It was the size of a golf ball,
and was pelting sideways.
So glad no windows were broken in the store or my car.
I was sure a tornado was a coming though,
so I grabbed Tundra and we hid in the bathroom.
I had no time to run over to our antique store.
Wish I did as that building has a basement.
We did lose power for a bit, but
thankfully it came back up.

Half of our front garden is now complete.
Bob is now working on getting the other
half ready by getting rid of that
invasive shrub that did NOT die. 
We call it the beast.
We are not sure at this point if we should
plant more shrubs or wait a year,
to make sure this shrub is dead.
Will let you know what we decide later on.

Hope everyone has a great day!
Thanks for following along
and commenting.
I truly appreciate it!

Living Room Blessings To All!


  1. Lovely 8 point star hooked chair mat and thanks for the back shot. Nice to see your Dancing Rabbits hanging. We had that same storm in our area but Seaford didn't get the hail while surrounding areas did and on local news they showed golf ball size in someone's hands (after the storm) and another person held baseball size hail. Believe it or not they were baseball size I'd not have believed it had I not seen it on my local news. Glad you were spared from damage.

  2. Hi Janice! Hope you are enjoying your vacation and getting to all of the things on your list. The bowl of little shoes is just the sweetest thing. Jane

  3. I enjoyed seeing your Dancing Rabbits, I do love how it turned out. I always enjoy seeing your decorations and displays.
    The weather has been crazy. The hail missed us, but our friends 30 miles from us got hail and hail damage on their car and roofs.

  4. Your prim decor is lovely as usual. Your dancing bunnies fit right in.
    My daughter in Ottawa were spared from the tornado but people not far from where she lives has severe damage. She sent us a link of a farmer's barn that was flattened with 150cows inside. Luckily, he only lost 5 cows.
    I'm glad you didn't got any damage or lost your power.

    We no longer can take anything for granted anymore.


  5. Pretty old Star chair pad & fun to see your Dancing Bunnies hanging up !
    Enjoy your Long weekend , have Fun !!!

  6. Yay you for having some time off!! Enjoy! I think you found the perfect place for your dancing bunnies. I don't think it looks wonky?? Maybe in the first photo a bit, but I think it's because of the angle of the photo?? The next one looks great. LOVE the red sampler below too...but I am sure I've already commented on it somewhere along the line LOL. Strange weather we are having this year. I have had the heat on - day and night - for the past two weeks. But rumor has it we are to get near 90 by the beginning of next week. Seriously?? ~Robin~

  7. We had hail as well, but the storm passed through quickly...glad you're ok. I dread the coming of tornado season...

    The living rooms looks great...such a terrific collection you have! And if you're looking for matching paint, I've had good luck with color matching at our local Lowes (don't know if you have them there) They can scan the item I bring in (a door or drawer) and get a really close match...just ask for a sample size and it's only about $5. (Sometimes that's enough to complete whatever I'm working on). What talent to build such things; still envious of your kitchen! Mary

  8. The weather has been a challenge, hasn't it? I do love this wonderful room. And so glad you have some time off!

  9. Your living room is very inviting!
    Enjoy your vacation ;-)

  10. I think I've missed a few of your postings but I'm glad to catch up today. Your living room is full of fun displays and wonderful antiques and also I love the red cabinet your hubby made. It would look perfect in my house that color! Ha! I hope you enjoy your time off and I also hope the weather is nice up there! Our garden will go in this weekend too and I hope to finish up the flower gardens and enjoy my little time off too! Have a safe and nice Memorial Day weekend!

  11. It must have been scary to hide and wait. Awful!
    As usual your home furnishings are delightful! To prim any paint colour you can add black to the can.


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