Thursday, May 5, 2022

Did Someone Say Fairy

Hello friends!
Awhile back I was perusing a wholesale catalog
looking for inventory to purchase.
I came across some fairy houses,
with fairies and accessories to go with as displays.
Although I did not purchase these,
I thought....hmmm I will make my own
fairy houses.  

Tooth fairy houses that is.

Made entirely of wool.
I inserted a chenille stem inside the flower stem,
so you can twist it to how you like it.

I added a pocket in the back
to insert one's tooth.
Plus the tooth fairy can place the money
inside when she takes her tooth.

I only had time to make pink and blue right now,
and currently I only have one of each color left.
A big hit.
I wish that I had thought of this when my
own kids and grands were younger.

In other news,
the newest cruise ship the Viking Octantis
passed by Tuesday just before dusk.
We heard it will be cruising our Great Lakes 
all Summer.
This is the maiden voyage.
Heard tickets started at $5995 from
Toronto to Milwaukee for this tour.
This ship is brand new to the Viking River
cruise line.

Day one of going back to work.
An hour to get there,
and an hour 15 min to get home.
About 15 min of passing a certain intersection,
there was an accident...
I heard it on the radio.
So thankful it was not me.
Once I got back into our county,
my stress level came down.
Not use to driving in the city anymore.

Well onto day 2 going back to work.
Thank goodness I only have to do this
twice a week.

Fairy Blessings To All!


  1. very cute my grand had a toothfairy pillow but it was bought from a store not handmade. Good luck with the driving. I just had city trafic

    1. I hate city driving too. I was use to it when I lived in the city, but moving to the country 20 years ago, its not fun driving into it anymore. Janice

  2. What a cute idea. You are on to something. Next thing you know, they will be massed produced in China.
    I don't like driving in heavy traffic and I despise traffic circles. Our city has been constructed a lot of them and I try to avoid them at all cost. I'd rather take the longer route if possible.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Oh you are probably right Julia. We use to go to a big flea market in Ohio and there were Chinese folks who rented U-hauls. Some would take pictures of what folks were buying and others would buy stuff. Bob and I would always say...well there is next years Hobby Lobby items. Janice

  3. What an adorable ide for the tooth fairy pillow. You better get busy and make more because that isn't a seasonal item, it is all the time. I lived in and had to travel in the city at one time and was always stressed out. Thankfully I moved back to slower, lower Delaware to the eastern shore.

    1. I have all kinds of animal ideas now for tooth fairy pillows...but I just dont have the time. UGH Janice

  4. Your tooth Fairy idea is Adorable !!! Great idea !!! I dont like traffic at all either , driving in general just isn't enjoyable anymore ....

    1. Thanks a bunch! I did have fun making them. Janice

  5. Oh those are so clever...people will buy those year 'round! I'm sorry about the long wears a body out. I avoid the freeway at all times these days...drivers are just too fast, too close, and zipping between lanes without a care. I travel the back roads and am grateful for Siri's option of "avoid's highways".

    1. I try to avoid the freeway too. In fact I do drive the other roads to go to work, but the problem is the main road is under construction and now everyone is taking my route it seems. UGH Janice

  6. Those tooth fairy pillows are too sweet.
    That cruise is way too rich for my blood.
    That commute time sure is a big chunk of time out of your day, even if only two days a week ;-(

  7. Love the tooth fairy pillow. Having one probably would have made it easier to not forget to remind the tooth fairy to snatch that tooth before the kiddos woke up! That's a long commute. I'd invest in some audio books. My commute since going back to work is only 10min. at the most. If I really hurry I can do it in 6! Have a good weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

    1. LOL on you wishing you had one. My old office the commute was 30 minutes, but it was along the river and so peaceful. Now hectic. Janice

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  8. Adorable teeth fairy houses. Hope your driving stress levels out. Blessed mother's day wishes to you

    1. Thanks a bunch Sandy! Working on some July 4th items now. Hope to have them out end of May. Fingers crossed. Janice

  9. I love the fairy house tooth pillow. This is such a sweet idea. :-)
    That is neat to see the cruise ship.
    Do they cruise all the great lakes?
    Maybe I will see it when we visit Lake Superior?

    I struggle with city driving now too.

    1. Thanks Carla! This cruise ship is going to be cruising the Great Lakes only. I think the next one leaves Wisconsin and goes through the Soo locks up to Thunder Bay. Janice

  10. Replies
    1. Thanks Jacky! I really wished I hate thought about this idea when my kids and even grands were young. Oh well. Janice


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