Sunday, May 29, 2022

Our Kitty Ace

Hello friends.
I had not planned this post today.
It is with a heavy heart
that our Ace kitty went to heaven.
Born approx. July 4th 2011,
according to our vet,
he would have been 11 years old this year. 
We found him passed away in our laundry room
after coming home from working the stores yesterday.
Bob buried him in our backyard in one
of his favorite blankets.

We called him our investigator.
Any time we brought something new in.
he would get underneath it or inside it
to investigate.

He had a black heart on one side of his body,
and an inverted on on the other side.
We named him Ace of Hearts.

He picked me and was my favorite.
There were some girls at a store one year
with a box of kitties.
They urged me to come look at some kittens.
They told me they had found them
and wanted to give them good homes.
I did not want to look at any of them, but I did.
There were four lil babes in that box,
and only one kept meowing at me.
The farther I walked away, the louder he got.
I called Bob when I got into the car
and asked him if I should bring him home.
Bring him home I did. 

Peepers our other cat became his best friend.

His other black heart shown here.
He gave me joy to my own heart.

He loved that catio Bob made for our kitties.
In fact Ace was wondering just a few days ago
why I would not open the window they normally
went out to go outside.
Bob had to dismantle the catio so they could
install our new windows
He was going to make a new one for them soon.

Ace and Peeps are now together again.

The three amigos is what we called them when Shadow
joined us.
He was also a rescue kitty.
Now Shadow does not know what to do.
We are hoping he warms up to Tundra now.

Ace was a joy!
We enjoyed almost 11 years.
After surgery,
he had been on urinary dietic food
since he was 2.
Then earlier this year we found out he
became diabetic.
So more meds.
We did not care how much money was spent on him.
He was our kitty. 

I cried and cried when I lost Peeps.
Now I am doing the same.

We are so glad you chose us to be part
of our family Ace.

My son Matt said he was the coolest cat ever.
Very friendly to all who walked inside our home.
He will be missed tremendously.

For my friends with pets,
you know they become part of your family.
They bring us joy and laughter...
and bring a loss when they are gone.

In other news,
I hope everyone is enjoying their
Memorial Day weekend.
Please take some time to remember the reason
for this holiday.

Also it broke my heart once again to 
hear about another school shooting.
Just wish this madness would stop.

Memorial Day Blessings To All!


  1. Oh Janice, was saddened by the news of Ace. When a beloved pet passes it does feel as tho our hearts are broken as they DO become family. They love unconditionally. Hope the memory of the joy with Ace will be stronger than feeling of loss.

  2. I am so sorry to hear your fur baby passed away . It is just heart breaking , they are our special family members and will always hold a very special place in our hearts . Take care ....

  3. I'm so sorry to lear of the lost of your beloved feline pet, Ace of Heart on this Memorial weekend. Such a lovely tribute to Ace. I know all too well how sad it is to loose a beloved pet. My heart just never got used to the loss over all the years. Such a sad tragedy in Texas. So much loss and devastation in that community. Words are never enough to express all the sadness people feel under such circumstances. Much prayers for healing for all the victim's families and the community. Those poor children, teachers and those left behind. My heart and thoughts goes out to them.

    Hugs, Julia

  4. Awww, Janice....My heart hurts for you...I am so sorry to read of this. Your love for Ace is so very apparent from the words of your post. He had a wonderful life with you and likely would not have lived as long as he did had he not come home with you that day. Praying for comfort for you.... Hugs ~Robin~

  5. I'm so sorry Janice, Ace was a sweet kitty. Love his hearts. Amazing that he had two! I do hope that Shadow warms up to Tundra now. Yes, prayers for those families in Texas, and Buffalo too. Our flag is flying, grateful to those who fought for our great country. Jan in MA

  6. I'm so sorry Janice. Yes our pets are our family and it's so hard to say goodbye. What a beautiful and special cat Ace was. I remember rescuing our cat, Squeak, and we had him 14 years. I always said I wasn't a cat person but holy cow he wormed his way into our hearts forever. RIP Ace....Hug to you Janice.

  7. Sending hugs, Janice. I do know how you feel. Our Max was 11 when he passed away as well. He was a big orange tabby.
    Max was a rescue too.
    Sending lots of love, Carla

  8. So sorry about your little Ace kitty. Always hurts to lose a family member. Sending hugs


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