Saturday, May 21, 2022

Having A Spring Fling

Hi friends!
The weekend has approached once again.
Where does the time fly?
Spring is also turning into Summer already.
Humid temps and storms,
but thankful no blizzards or snow,

I did a few Spring displays in the kitchen,
so I thought I would share. 

This is my current table display.

Various spring flowers in different containers.
Just a simple one.

My runner is a heavy checkerboard patterned piece.
A rag rug runner.

On top of the refrigerator.

Finally my Spring/ Summer pitchers.
Notice my recent wheat one in the middle
to the left.
It fit perfectly.

In other news,
tomorrow we will celebrate my granddaughters
 15th birthday.
Hot dog and hamburgers on the grill.
Hopefully it wont rain.

My mom is here with us until Monday.
More time with her.
We had Chinese takeout last night.
(she loves it)
Tonight we are going out to dinner
after we close the stores.

We had a morning thunderstorm
roll in on Friday.
Tundra was a barking maniac.
So I let him out of his crate
and he slept in our bed for a few hours.
(I needed more sleep)
Its what I told Bob...which was true.

Well speaking of Tundra,
he and I are off to Tim Horton's
and then work the gift shop.
More storms are due to come in,
so hopefully he will ne fine at the store.

However speaking of storms,
here in Michigan we do not often get tornadoes.
One did touch down yesterday afternoon
in Gaylord.
1 person lost and 23 injured is what I know for now.
The part that even scared me more was that
my sister and BIL have a summer cottage up there. 
She was heading up there yesterday morning.
When I called her she told me they were
5 miles from town when there phones blew up
with texts telling them to take cover.
Glad they are alright, but sad one life was taken.
Please say a wee prayer for that family,
and for those who were injured.

What's on tap for your weekend?

Spring Fling Blessings To All!


  1. Delaware never used to get tornadoes but the last few years have had a few. Must say the warning that comes across the TV, iPad, etc is unnerving and I don't have a basement. Glad your family is okay and shame about the others. Your spring scapes are great.

    1. Yeah we dont have a basement either at our home. So scary. Janice

  2. I'm glad your sister is safe after the devastating tornado.I looked it up on google. Nature is very powerful and we are all at its mercy when she show her power. I prefer her milder nature especially when I try to grow my seedlings. Poor Tundra, he knew he had reason for concern.

    I like your spring scape, especially that rocking horse and the blue and white quilt and the collection of pitchers.

    Stay safe and enjoy your mother's visit, lucky girl.

    Hugs, Julia

    1. Thanks for liking my decor! It is unsettling when we get bad weather. I would rather have a blizzard than a tornado. Janice

  3. Pretty, softly springy, displays Janice. You have the gift. Loving that little apothecary on top of your frig. I am surprised that your area is not prone to tornadoes since you're not that terribly far away from us and we get a lot of them. I don't know how many watches/warnings we've already had...and, heck, tonight we are to get down to 34.... I don't even know how that is possible. Glad your sissie was warned. Enjoy your mum time! ~Robin~

    1. Well we had a bad storm come in on Saturday morning. UGH Its been cool in the 40's at night nd in the 60's in the day. Soon to get more heat and storms it seems. Janice

  4. I wonder where your sister's cottage is? Rick was up north opening ours on Otsego Lake. He said there wasn't any real action at the lake -- some rain -- but five miles north in town it was terrible. I've been looking at videos on youtube. I'm glad your sister was safe. But how frightening.

    1. I will have to ask her, but I thought it was near the golf course. Yes the videos were horrible. Janice

  5. Sending prayers.. oh goodness this weather has been goofy as of late. We had 90 degrees last week and a frost watch last night!
    I always enjoy your displays.

    1. Thanks Carla. We have been having goofy weather too. Janice

  6. I'm not sure where time flys to!!!


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