Tuesday, May 17, 2022

May CupboardScape

Hello friends!

May always brings me back to being
at gramma H's farmhouse when she did
Spring cleaning. 

As the saying goes April showers
bring May flowers.
This year it seems we had more snow than rain.

I bought these children's rubber galoshes
(rubber boots) during my annual 
antique trek last year in August.
I thought they were just adorable!

Added in these pussy willows and white lilacs.
Gramma H had tons of purple lilac trees.
When we did laundry outside in May.
The fragrance was addicting.
When she brought them inside
it was even more.
I so love lilacs.


Tucked in my tulip quilted lil pillow,
and some tulips next to it.

Gramma H would clean all of her pillows,
throw rugs, quilts and sheets outside this time of year.
Scrub brush and soap was always nearby.
along with a bucket of water.

When her soap became to small to use,
she safely added it to her soap saver.
Once full, she would take the pieces 
and put them in another container.
Once she had that container full, she would
make more soap.
Waste not. Want not. 

I purchased this Pussy Willow wreath at
Joann's at 60% off a few weeks ago.
A Spring statement it makes.

The pillows and rugs were beat
outside on the clothesline with  a rug beater.
I always had fun doing that!
Oh the dust that came out.
Needed a bath afterwards. LOL

Gramma H did not always have a washing machine.
She would have needed to use a washboard.
This wood washboard was not hers.
I purchased it years ago.
Her first washing machine was the wringer.
Oh how I hated that machine.
Almost got my hand caught in it once.

Just love the colors in this cupboardscape.
So Springy.
Is that even a word?  :-)

Snapped a few pics of some of the quilt squares.

The colors are more vibrant
in this square.

Even more brighter.

This square was missing a few of the blue.
A well worn loved quilt for sure.

The blue tick pillow is a child's one.
Old and stained.
They sure dont make them like this anymore.
My mom still does use heavy ticking though
when she needs to redo her feather pillows.

Well I hope you enjoyed this month's
I had fun creating it for sure!

Do you have a spring ritual you do every year?

May Blessings To All!




  1. I love how you keep the memories of your family alive by sharing stories with us here. Quilts, no matter how tattered they may be still offer us comfort and happy moments. They make me wonder about their past. So many nice things in your CupBoardScape.

    1. Thanks a bunch! I actually use most of my quilts. They are scattered all around the house. Janice

  2. I wash blankets and hang them in the sun to dry. Later in summer I set our pillows out in hot sun. It just feels like the right thing to do. My friend’s mom scrubs my friend’s home down in the spring— she washes walls, windows, baseboard heaters, light fixtures and floors.

    1. I use to do that at my old house, but not here. Janice

  3. Love your cupboardscape!
    You are so lucky to have such wonderful childhood memories!!!

    1. Thanks Lauren. I did have an amazing childhood! Janice

  4. The children's rubber boots with the flowers and the quilts and fabrics just make the prettiest decor! My grandparents lived through the depression and they also believed in 'waste not want not. love you post

    1. Yes I thought all of the colors were so springlike. Yes my parents lived through the depression too, and that's where I learned the waste not. Janice

  5. Oh those galoshes are all kinds of fun.... I have a wee little pair, but they are black. I used to have them on my porch filled with greens at Christmas. Not sure if it's a ritual, but while I love me my flowers, my first real "taste" of spring is when I get to hang the bedding on the line. And open the windows... White lilacs are one of my mom's very favorites. ~Robin~

    1. I was going to sell these, but decided to keep them and so glad I did! Summer has arrived here now along with the humidity. UGH...but better than snow. Janice

  6. Your decorating style is always so lovely and has such a nostalgic charm! I love the boots and the quilts!

    1. Thank you. I do have fun re-arranging things! Janice

  7. Your yellow rubber boots are perfect for holding flowers but I've have to wear mine on my feet with all that rain we've been having while working between raindrops.

    Your grandmother must be smiling from heaven with all the tributes to her. I was also raised with Waste not, want not. A good motto.

    Take care and don't work too hard.

    1. Oh no, so sorry to hear about the rain you have been having. I have great memories of both grandmothers farms. Janice

  8. I enjoyed this post so much. You are so right about those colors. I love the quilts.

  9. Such lovely soft spring colors. We try to wash windows and screens in the spring. I do a little more cleaning than usual and clean out the fireplace and place fresh birch logs brightens it up for the summer and it is already for the next chilly early fall day.

    1. Thanks a bunch! Sounds like you have a spring ritual too! Janice

  10. Nice spring displays! I fear my grandmothers are probably giving me the stink-eye on my lack of proper spring cleaning. Any more my only spring ritual is some serious internal conversations involving lots of foul language regarding the state of the flower beds and garden, and if I should continue with them.
    The quilt is pretty, even with it's faded missing bits.

    1. Thanks Gail! Oh I dont clean as much as my grandmothers either, so I am sure I have the stink eye coming down too. Janice

  11. Just realized I hadn't commented.... I love old pillow ticking and wonder if I have enough old ticking to recover an old feather pillow I have. Soap ~ would you believe I use soap until a bar is thin and after beginning to use a fresh bar will lay them on top of one another so the soap melds them together. So I'm making a fresh bar also.

    1. The old ticking sure does last longer. Good idea for the soap. Janice

  12. Your spring cupboard is lovely! I do love those old tools and yes, waste not was a motto of those who lived in the depression but we have become a throw away generation. We need to go back to the waste not time and I try really hard to not waste. One man's junk is another's treasure and you have found so many treasures on your antique hunts! I do rug cleaning and floor polishing in the Spring but also in the fall before the holidays. I also go through seasonal clothes and donate ones that haven't been used or have somehow shrunk in size...not many have gotten bigger...hmmm, I wonder why? Have a good weekend and hopefully no more snow!

    1. Yes we are a throw away society now it seems. Such a shame. I need to go through my closet and do the same. Janice

  13. Those yellow boots are fabulous. What a wonderful find -- and so pretty with the tulip pillow. Love your cupboard!

  14. Thanks Jeanie! I did enjoy creating this display! Janice

  15. I love the boots. I have been looking for a pair for my decor. :-)
    Your spring display has me smiling.

  16. Thanks Carla! I did enjoy putting this one together and it made me smile doing it too. Janice


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