Wednesday, March 30, 2022

The Bees Knees

                                           Hello friends!
                            When my bee inventory came in,
                            I said to Bob that he needed to do
                               a Facebook post and title it 
                                       "The Bees Knees"
           He tells me no one is going to know what that means.
                                     So I ask you friends,
                     have you ever heard of this saying?
            I was brought up with this meaning a high quality,
                                        or being the best.

So to go along with my black and yellow theme
for Spring, my mind wandered to bees.

This order came in after my other one.
(The bee gnomes light up)
So fun!

 I decided to have the bees on the cabinet
that faces the front door.
Its the first display folks see when coming it.

Hopefully it brings a smile to those seeing it.

It must have as most is already sold.
I have already rotated this display to 
an Easter one now.

In other news,
looks like March is going out like a lion here.
More snow is headed our way
 today into tomorr0w. 
Right now it is freezing rain. 

Thank you everyone for loving my rug.
I had fun hooking it even though I dont 
hook often as much as my other blogging friends.

My first Halloween project is looking good.
Below is a tease pic of my latest creation.
I have a few made already.

It will become a poisonous item.
Hand sewn using all wool for these.

Well Hope everyone has a 
Happy Hump Day!

Bees Knees Blessings To All!


  1. I have heard the bees knees before I think most people have

  2. I've also heard of Bees Knees. Those are the only gnomes I've ever liked. The gnome rug patterns and other gnome items I've seen turn me off. So you made a good choice.

    1. Yeah I am not a fan of gnomes either, but did like these. Janice

  3. Oh I love the bee many fun ideas! (Bee happy, bee nice, bee humble) And yes, the bees knees...I always think of the bees knees as something really special. Although I bet my kids may not know what it means...I'll have to ask! Mary

    1. Thanks Mary! Love all of those bee sayings too! Not sure if my kids would know what it means either. Janice

  4. I've heard of the Bees Knees cocktail which has gin, lemon juice and honey in it. A cocktail which was invented during the prohibition but I never had one, lol.

    Your bees theme is really attractive and will vanish from the shelves quickly. The cheery yellow is really eye catching.

    Hugs, Julia

    1. Never heard of this drink. Yes the bees are a hit. Janice

  5. I am so sick of Sprinter. Hope you don't get the predicted storm.

    Of course I know the Bees Knees. Does that date me? (I fear it does!) Those gnomes are darling. I might have to felt one like that for a bee-keeping friend.

    1. I think it might date all of us. LOL Would love to see a felted one. Janice

  6. Janice, yes, I know the Bees Knees and all your bees are busy looking so cute. No wonder they are selling like hotcakes (with honey)..xxoJudy

    1. Thanks Judy! Love the hotcakes and honey comment too! So sweet! Janice

  7. Not only do I know the "bees knees" colloquialism, I still use it. It's right up there with "the cat's meow" and "the cat's pajamas." Color me dated, color me strange. ~Robin~ (Cute bee theme! And, hmmm...could that be a poison apple??)

    1. Well I think everyone on my blog is dating themselves. LOL Nope not a poison apple. Nice try though. Janice

  8. I know what Bees Knees means.. Ha Ha! So fun. I am in love with gnomes.
    Everything is so fun.
    March is going out like a lion here too. Snow, ice, and wind!

    1. Thanks for your comment regarding my grands. I so worry about them and all students. Thanks for your sweet comments on my bees too! Janice

  9. I have heard that saying. I thought it had to do with dancing tho..ahahah. I love it all! I bet it sold right away. I can guess a mushroom. Have a great weekend.

    1. I only have a few bee stuff left. It was a hit. Hope you are having a great weekend too! Janice

  10. Definitely have heard (and used!)the bees knees expression! Your bees are super cute and I can see why they were popular at your shop. Spring has teased us here in northern KY, then winter says "not so fast" and it gets cold again. All of the flowering trees, shrubs and tulips are blooming so it looks like spring at least. Happy weekend to you Janice! Jane

    1. Thanks Jane for your "sweet bee" comments! Still cold here. Snow, rain and back to snow and cold. Janice

  11. Hello Friend, I just read your comment on my blog post. Sending hugs and prayers.. so scary.
    Love to you, Carla

  12. Thanks for the hugs and prayers! I do worry about every child in school nowadays. So sad. Janice


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