Monday, March 14, 2022

March CupbpardScape

Good morning all!
Well another work week begins for me.
An earlier one with the time change.
This old gal does not like getting up earlier
than normal anymore.

My mom will be coming today
to spend a few days with.
I will take off tomorrow,
and we will do some shopping
together and also do lunch.
Will be fun!

Today's CupboardScape is a bit of old & new.
This splint basket is very old.
In fact there is a piece of jute on the handle
to hold it together now.

The bunny was one I kept from the 80's
when I did craft shows with my dad.
On her apron is a pansy.
The afghan I also crocheted in the 80's.
It was made for my son.
My sister liked it so much, 
I made her one when she had my nephew.
She kept it for all of her kids.
It was warmer as I used normal yarn and not 
baby yarn at the time. 

Now this crock is old with the windmill design on it.
I so also love the blue flower on it too.

This cement bunny is new and both it
and the daffodils we sell at the store,
along with the foliage wreath underneath.

This photo you can see how big this basket is.
The crock is 11 inches high to put it in
some perspective.
Another simple Spring display
for this month's CupboardScape.

Now for an update on Dancing Rabbits.
I actually have been calling them 
"Bun Buns"

Now looking at this third bunny,
I am definitely going to be doing some tweaking.
I dont like his fat leg.
I will adjust before going any further.
I do however love the two bunny butts!

Am loving how the blue background 
is turning out though.
I cut my blue worms and just grab
on the fly.
No rhyme or reason.

In other news,
Bob's sister is home now and recuperating.
Such a scare having a heart attack.
Thanks for your concern.

Was disappointed that the images
for my Halloween theme were no longer
visible when I went into my spreadsheet
over the weekend.
Thank goodness I wrote descriptions
for each image so I know what I will be doing.
One of my displays will be a buffet area.

Well off to work.
Hope everyone has a great start to your week!

March CupboardScape Blessings To All!


  1. I'm with you on the wake up time. When I worked the alarm was set at 5:15 a.m. Now I wake up without an alarm and usually wake up around 7 am. I won't make doctor appointments unless they are 10 a.m. or after.
    I did the chevron design for my son's afghan when he was adopted but the granny squares later for family. Glad Bob's sister is doing well.

    1. Hoping that Congress passing it to stop. I hate changing the clock and trying to get up for work sucks. I crocheted afghans for everyone in my family at one time. I loved it!Janice

  2. I love that you have a mom to go shopping with. Oh, it is so nice to have daylight saving time again and light late in the day. I get so much more done! All your vignettes are darling and that rug is a treasure -- and almost finished! Happy week!

    1. Yep we shopped and did lunch and dinner. It was nice! Hoping to get the rug finished soon as I need to start my Halloween crafting. Janice

  3. Enjoy the time with your mom. You are so lucky to still have her here on earth and not in heaven.
    Happy to hear Bob's sister is on the mend.
    LOVE that crock!!!

    1. Yes I am lucky. She is 87 and still very active. Yes Bob's sister is doing better. No one would want this crock as I concealed the handle that was broke. I still love it though. Janice

  4. Enjoy your time with your mom.
    Good news regarding Bob's sister.
    I love the rug, bunnies are a favorite of mine.
    xx oo

  5. I noticed the same colors in your lovely blanket as in your dancing bunnies.

    Yes, you are very lucky to still have your mother with you. Treasure her and make time to be with here. You won't regret it.

    I'm glad that Bob's sister is recuperating. A heart attack is very scary.

    It always take me time to adjust to time change. I wish they would just leave it alone.

    Take care and stay safe.

    1. Yes I am a lucky one. Unfortunately my dad passed when I was 35. Seems eons ago now. Janice

  6. I'm drooling over that basket...and the crock. I have never seen a windmill on one that old. Grrr on the time change. I still love that "old Native American" saying that only the government would believe you can cut off the top of a blanket, sew it on the bottom and have a longer blanket. These days, it even sounds more believable, believe it or not. ~Robin~

    1. How did I know you would be in love with my basket and crock. Need to put those under lock and key too. {smile} Janice

  7. Beautiful space and so full of spring! I'm going to start decorating for Easter this week. You've put me in the mood!

    1. Yep trying to be Springy inside hope Spring will begin outside. Janice

  8. Such pretty spring colors...the bunnies are so sweet, and the crock, oh my, love that! As always, you inspire us with your clever ideas. Mary

  9. Thanks Sandra! I made the blanket almost 40 ears ago and still love it! Think Spring. Janice

  10. Thanks Mary! Trying to bring in Spring and hoping Spring is finally here outside. Today it was 70. WOOHOO! Janice


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