Friday, March 18, 2022

Bun In The Oven

Have you ever heard the saying
 a bun in the oven.

I was reminded of this saying 
because I usually coffee stain my items,
sprinkle cinnamon and then bake them
in the oven.

This is my latest bun
that was in the oven. 

Anything that is fabric like these arms,
goes into the oven.
6 minutes at a time.
Flip and repeat until dry.
Don't ever leave them in for too long
or your buns will be burnt. LOL

It easier for me to add on the arms
afterwards rather than have my pattern
with the arms added in.

My stitches will be cleverly hidden once dressed
even the opening in the middle.

Once baked,
then I give my creations personality.
Here this one has a wool nose 
with vintage buttons eyes.

For this bunny I wanted to give him a sweater.

Made from blue fleece to keep him warm.
But Janice this is covering his head.

Sorry for the wonky pic.
I folded down the sweater to
make it look like a turtleneck.
Added a rusty pin and bell.

Now to finish this one,
I decided to have him hold a carrot.
One of his favorite foods.

The carrot was made of tan fleece and wool.

Well yesterday it reached 70 degrees.
I will be so disappointed now
when the temps go back down again...
as they will be going down tomorrow.
Rollercoaster temps is what we have in March.

Mom and I had a nice time together.
Yes I am a lucky one.
My dad passed almost 30 yrs ago.

I took her to her eye appt. in the morning.
Her eye pressure was a bit high.
They keep checking her every 6 months,
because she has an degenerative eye disease.
If it gets worse, she will need an eye transplant.
Hoping she does not.
For being 87 she is very active and does not
take one bit of medication.
I call it eating good from being raised
on a farm.
She still grows her own veggie garden and cans
and freezes her bounty.

Am hoping to work on my rug this weekend.
I need to get this finished soon
as I need to start my Halloween items.
Working full time for the bank still,
I only have weekends to work on items.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
What will you all be doing?
You know Tundra and I will be at our gift shop.

Bun In The Oven Blessings To All!



  1. Well you come from good genes gal, mom is 87! Just be careful in the shop, don't fall/trip and hit your head again. You're bunny will hop out of the store shortly after you put him in there.

    1. I sure hope I have her genes. The bunnies were a hit! Janice

  2. I love that bunny.
    Your mom is a rock-star! I think you are right about the health, good food and no meds are the key!

    Enjoy your weekend! xx oo

  3. Your bunny is cute with his turtle neck sweater. How tall is he, and does he have a name?

    Wow, your mom is very healthy. I hope you inherited her genes. Gardening is such a great way to make sure of getting the best tasting veggies. Good for her.

    Take care,

    1. I dont remember how tall the bunny is. I just call him turtleneck bunny. I sure hope I have her genes too! Janice

  4. Your bunny is a little doll! I'm glad you had time with your mom and all is pretty well. Wasn't yesterday great?

    1. Yes that day was great. Then the pouring rain came in. Suppose to have rain for the next 4 days now. Janice

  5. A bun in the oven has nothing to do with!
    How wonderful your mom is in such great shape. Yes, the farm life will do it. My parents made it to 89 and 90 (my dad should have been dead at 40!!!) but they raised pigs, cows and chickens and grew their vegetables. They ate red meat at least once a day, bacon, and all the things we are told are bad. No processed food and I think that is our downfall.

    1. YEs I know. Thought I would get a laugh out of a few folks. LOL Yes bacon and eggs were a daily staple in their lives too. I try to stay away from processed meat myself. Janice

  6. Happy FriYay Janice.... I agree with Lauren on the "bun in the oven" and when I saw your title my mind immediately went there LOL. Your little bunny is just the face and the sweater. Such personality. Wow...your mom sounds like wonder woman! My mom was a farm girl all her life but was not so blessed with genes like that. I had hoped to go to the annual antique show this weekend, but I doubt that will happen. I am having major internet issues and have a closing next week so I need it in working order....Grrrr. So frustrating. ~Robin~

    1. Yes I was hoping to get a laugh about the bun in the oven. LOL My mom is a wonder for sure! I just hope I have her genes and not my dads. Janice

  7. Janice your bunny is a complete charm! We all have different talents and I'm gobsmacked by your creativity. (as for knitting, I went to the local knitting store and took lessons. Our daughter and I went. It was the only way I could figure it out!)

    1. Thanks Lelia! Your lessons worked out good...mine not so much. Janice

  8. very cute. well I work Sat but sunday I hope to put my feet up and relax and hook

    1. Thank you Cathy! I did some hooking this weekend too! Hope you were able to. Janice

  9. Working, shop owner, hooker, cute bunny creator...whew! You are one busy bunny yourself! How wonderful to have your Mom who sounds like a firecracker! A lot to be said for a farm, country life! Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Yeah sometimes I wonder how I do it myself. Especially come Monday morning. My mom is a firecracker for sure! Janice

  10. Ha ha! You crack me up with the bun in the oven Janice. Thanks for the smile this morning! Your bunny looks all cozy in his turtleneck - helpful in the topsy turvy temps of spring. My mom was a hearty farm lady too and had a pretty healthy life during her almost 93 years. So glad you have her to spend time with, so special. Jane

    1. Was hoping to get a laugh from my title! Yes mom will be back before Easter and we will be making Pierogis again for everyone. It will be fun! Janice

  11. Love his little turtleneck! Love that your mom gardens and cans her summertime bounty...what an example of hard work. Sending wishes for good health...settle in and relax for the remainder of the weekend. Mary

    1. Thanks Mary! Yes both my parents were very hard workers. Just my dad passed away young. Janice

  12. Yep, I paint them with watered down coffee. Sprinkle cinnamon on them and bake in 225 degree oven turning every 6 to 10 minutes until dry. It gives an aged look and smells wonderful! Wish we can BBQ soon. It rained all weekend and is supposed to rain for the next 4 days. Janice


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