Thursday, March 10, 2022

Wearing My Overalls

 Howdy friends!

Hope this post finds you all well.

When planning out this particular bunny,
I was reminded of the days my
grandpa H wore his overalls daily
(except Sundays) 
working on his farm.
Although he passed on when I was only 7,
I can still remember the blue jean overalls
he wore, with a handkerchief in his back pocket.

The life of a farmer was hard work,
and you needed clothes that worked hard too.
For my bunny's overalls I chose this plaid fabric.

Added an egg using a rusty pin.

The egg was made from linen 
Then I added a few Spring colored beads.

A fun face don't you think.

I aged both the bunny and his overalls,
but left the egg as is.

A wool worm was used for his scarf.
A worm is what we call a strip of wool in rug hooking.
He turned out just as planned.
Grandpa H would be proud!

This is my rug progress thus far.
Just more o the background added.

I could not finish outlining
my last bunny as I once again forgot
my white worms for his tail.
I can only hook on the weekends at the store
in between customers right now.
Am loving everyone's renditions of this rug
over at Saundra's blog.
Please do visit at Woodland Junction.

In other news.

My granddaughter Mikayla is now
learning to drive.
(Where have the years gone)

My Grandson Michael backed into his 
moms car. He cried and cried,
because she had just gotten it back from
the accident she had before her 
first surgery.
She forgot to tell him that she was parked
behind him, and he just started backing out
of their garage and hit her.

Finally Bob's sister had a heart attack
yesterday morning.
She is only 57.
She also has pneumonia.
They admitted her and are running
all kinds of tests.
Please say a wee prayer for her.
So young.

Well off to work.
Hope everyone has a great upcoming weekend!

Plaid Overall Blessings To All!


  1. Wow, 57 with a heart attack and pneumonia. Will keep her in my prayers. Cute bunnies all.

  2. I adore the bunnies in overalls. Inspired. Reminds me a bit of Beatrix P., even though that was a topcoat!

    I'm so sorry about Bob's sister. You guys have been pummelled with bad family health things this year.

    1. Thank you Jeanie! Yes we have had the family issues this year. Janice

  3. I hope your sister in law will heal without complications and I hope the damage to the car was minimal. Parts are so expensive.
    Your bunnies are lovely. Are you planning to sell your dancing bunnies in your store?

    Take care and I hope that you have an uneventful rest of the week.

    1. Thank you Julie. The car can be fixed. At least no one was hurt. The bunnies will be hung in my home once completed. Janice

  4. So young to have a heart attach..will say prayers for her! Your bunnies are cute and I do like that face! I remember when my son backed into his dad's van with my new car. He too was pretty upset but it was minimal damage and it happened during a rough spot in his life and he just felt like it was the topping on a bad week! But we just told him accidents happen and no harm was done and gave him a hug. Hard to believe that was 30yrs ago! Time does fly!

    1. Thanks Yaya! Yes cars can be fixed, people sometimes not. Janice

  5. Good grief woman...your family is really on a streak...and not of the good kind. Definitely will say a prayer for Bob's sister. Your bunnies are looking so festive and happy.... I truly do love the face on your overall guy. Just precious! Cold, cold, weekend here. ~Robin~

    1. Thanks Robin for the sweet comment on my bunny. Yes we have and hoping this is the last. Janice

  6. Sending prayers for all. Oh, I have been in the same shoes as your grandson. I know how that feels.
    Lots of Love,

    1. Oh wow. Hopefully you were not hurt in your accident. Janice

  7. Prayers for Bob's sister. Yes, way too young to be dealing with that.

  8. Thanks Lauren and yes she is too young, but alright now. It was just a mild one thank God. Janice


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