Saturday, March 26, 2022

An Egg-Stravaganza

Happy Weekend Friends!
The last weekend of March.
Where did the days go?
Well today we are back to
a mixture of rain and snow.
Snowing right now.
Just glad no tornadoes.
Feel so bad for those affected by them 
this past week.

When I was a teen,
one went just North of my parents home.
How scary seeing it in the distance
coming right at us.
We lived in the country, so we
could see things pretty far away.
We took shelter in the basement,
and thankfully it went to the North a bit.
Unfortunately it hit the farmer
up the road and killed all of his dairy cows.
Thankfully he and his wife were alright.
But such a loss for him.

On a better note.
I made lots of eggs this year for the store.
This one was another cookie.

These grungy brown eggs.
I  stitched the saying on checked aida cloth.

This egg I did not put out for sale.
I made one more and grunged it too dark.
This one was not coffee stained yet.
Will keep this pattern for next year.
The egg itself is purple.
I made a bunny to go with it. 
Will show the dark one in another post.

Finally I took the same pattern I made
for the brown eggs and created dyed eggs.
Purple, blue and pink.

In other news.
Our guard dog Tundra at his post.
Each morning he looks out the window
for something to bark at.
Thank goodness we live on a dead end drive,
so not much traffic goes by.
Around 10 am he moves to our bed.
However he knows when our mail lady
comes and runs out of our room barking.
He definitely has a routine.

Finally here is my finished
Dancing Rabbit rug.
 I added blue wool scarves to each once finished.
No rhyme or reason to the blue background.
I did add a bit of a blue purple.
If you can enlarge my pic,
it is just above the left ear of the middle rabbit.
I had one little worm of this color and decided
to add it in.
The blue scarves on the end rabbits were
the center color for my flowers.
The middle blue was just a random blue.
Now to hang it.

Well off to work the store.
Need to check in some Halloween inventory.
Yep, Halloween.
I have to order it now if I want it.
Then I need to do some much needed paperwork.
After that will start a Halloween project
I drew out.
Of course all of this in between customers. 

What are your plans for the weekend?

Egg-stravaganza Blessings To All!


  1. I didn't even notice the purple until you mentioned it. Guess because it is the same value as the blue it just blended in perfectly.

  2. Love how the rug came out...on my wish-list of things to try and do some day! And Tundra looks quite happy to be a guard dog! I'm thinking of bringing that old shelf in from the barn...the blue one that's attached to the wall. Too heavy to try and hang on a plaster wall, so I may set it on a table...anyway, I'm looking at your older posts for clever table and cupboard-scape inspiration, thanks! Mary

    1. PS...if you have any suggestions, please send them my way. You always have an eye for display & styling!
      (it's here:

    2. Thanks Mary! Yes he barks at everything he sees. LOL Janice

    3. You gave me an idea to do a post on this. Janice

  3. I hope your Halloween orders come in on time. As to *what* you order, do you already have a feeling for what will be popular this year? Or is it long learning experience with what your customers' taste run toward?

    Love the bunnies, and I had to really look for that purple bit.

    1. Well one order is due to arrive this week. Not sure about the others. Fingers crossed. I subscribe to a Gift Shop magazine. They follow the trends and I just buy what I think will sell. Putting things together in displays helps shoe my customers how to use items in their own homes. I do have themes for Halloween and Christmas though. Janice

  4. Love that rug to the max. It's just fabulous! And Tundra! Reminds me of Lizzie, just looking, checking it out. The eggs are cute too. Happy week. (We got two inches...)

    1. Thanks Jeanie! I did have fun hooking it. More snow coming our way it seems. Janice

  5. You are always creating. We just never have tornado s here the mountains stop them.
    I am working sadly

    1. I have heard that before from my nephew who lives near the Appalachian mountains in North Carolina. Janice

  6. I would have never noticed the blue purple strip you added just because. I had to enlarge the picture to see it. They are looking great.

    We've had hurricanes, here but no tornados.

    I'm glad I don't have to worry about next Halloween with all the uncertainties, but I guess, you are used to it by now and always seem to do well with your orders.

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Well hopefully no hurricanes come calling this year for you. Janice

  7. Your rug turned out so ADORABLE!! I love the added "pizazz" of their scarves...and, of course, their sweet little bunny butts LOL. I bet this is going to be one of your all-time favorite creations. And that purplish worm is the perfect folky/antiquey touch me thinks. All of your eggs are so very sweet as well. I especially like your little stitching touches. Yes, those tornadoes were horrible...we live in an area where tornadoes are all too common and I've seen more than I would ever want to. So much tragedy all over the world of late. 😢🙏😢 No plans this weekend...other than playing I was sick over the past weekend and first part of last week. But didn't get much catching up accomplished - instead spent the day frustratingly trying to resolve internet issues. ~Robin~

    1. Thanks Robin! Yeah I go like the bunny butts too. I thought seeing one tornado was bad enough. My mom has seen 2 now. Her recent home also had a tornado scare. Once again it went back up in the air and touched back down 2 streets over. So sorry to hear you were sick. Hope you are better now. Janice

  8. Hi Janice! Your rug is lovely and I really like the charm of the dash of purple above the bunnies ear. Halloween, oh my! And yet, here we are at Easter already... Time flies faster all of the time! Jane

    1. Thanks Jane! I always have to be ahead of the seasons. Some folks think I am crazy, but I need to in order to get my inventory in on time. Janice

  9. Hi,
    I LOVE the rug. I like the scarves, a perfect way to make me smile.
    I am already excited to see your Halloween ideas for this season. You are so creative.
    I think March is heading out like a big ol lion.

    1. Thanks Carla. I thought adding the scarves added a bit of pizazz to them. March is going to go out like a lion here me thinks. More snow is coming tomorrow and Thursday. Janice

  10. Fun finish on your Dancing Bunnies ;-)

  11. Your dancing bunny rug is so sweet and all of your creations for your store are wonderful!

  12. The Dancing Rabbit rug is gorgeous! The eggs are also. So sorry for your farmer neighbor and his family. We got some heavy wind but no tornado thankfully.

    1. Thanks Danice! Well we have more snow coming in now. UGH Janice

  13. You are one of the most accomplished people I know like you accomplish all that you put your mind to. Not that you aren't accomplished in all ways I'm sure. I just can't believe how much you get done, all while working and running a shop. Good job! I love the rug!

    1. Thanks Jacky! No rest for the weary as they say. LOL Janice

  14. Thanks for your time Janice...I'm emailing a photo with dimensions for the shelves. You're a gem! Mary

    1. Great thanks Mary. I already have ideas swirling in my head. Janice

  15. Janice, it is all so prim and wonderful. I love that rabbit rug. I can't imagine going through a tornado, it all looks so scary. Have gone through an earthquake and that is our part of the country scary..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

  16. Thanks Judy! Earthquakes are not fun either. Janice


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