Sunday, April 3, 2022

Asking For A Friend

Hello Friends.
Mary from
Windy Meadows Farm
asked me if I had any suggestions
on how to display her prim cabinet below.

Apparently it has been out in the barn,
and she has brought it inside.
What a fine cabinet and so glad she
finally decided to bring it inside her home.

Now when I first saw this cabinet  
my first thought on how to decorate it was to
add a large basket on top.
Add bittersweet to the basket.
3 pumpkins on the bottom shelf.
Plus make a garland of marigolds to
hang from drawer to drawer.
If you grow marigolds,
when you dead head them,
just take some embroidery floss to a needle
(measure first how long you need the garland to be)
and string them to make your garland.
Make sure you make a loop on each end to hang.

Now I do not have a cabinet like Mary's 
to show exactly how I would decorate it.
Just pretend there are the drawers in the middle.
Pitchers would make a statement for sure.
I you have a piece of linen or blue ticking,
place it on top on an angle before adding
the pitchers.
Let hang over the right drawer a bit and
move the pitchers on the bottom so you can
see them. 

I noticed Mary had some bowls in her cabinet
in the here is my bowl display.

I also spotted an oil lamp in her pic.
So I added some of my baby shoes for this display.
You could also just put shoes in a bowl
 on the bottom shelf.

This one has my cake crocks and just
one crock on top.
I have quite a few 2 gallon crocks.
I like this size because they are easy to move
and display.

If you have pantry boxes,
this is another simple idea.
I added one sugar bucket on top of the box.

Linens and quilts also make a fine display.

 Wood bowls are a simple one too.

For Christmas add a little tree
 with some Santa's all around.
Bottle brush trees and other fun Christmas items.
Or more Christmas figurines with greens added in.
A cranberry garland is a must for the drawers.

For a Winter display create a pinecone garland 
and maybe add a mitten to each drawer pull too.

For different garland ideas for the drawers,
a sweet potato garland is fun!
Cut a sweet potato into cubes.
Attach to a six strand floss using a needle.
Again make sure you measure the floss first
for the length.
Dry the garland in a 200 degree oven
on waxed paper until dried.
The sweet potato will shrink, but it looks awesome!

A garland of mini yellow gourds.
Orange or apple slices.
You can make yourself or purchase on Ebay.
I have also used whole slit oranges
I purchased from Ebay for garland too.

For the top shelf before adding your display items,
you can drape quilt pieces, ticking, fabric
or coverlet pieces if you choose to.
You can hide a drawer or not.
Choice is totally up to you.

Now for my blogging friends.
Do you have a suggestion for how to decorate
Mary's cabinet?
The dimensions are 17 1/2 inches tall,
38 1/2 inches long and 16 inches deep.
The bottom shelf is 8 inches tall,
14 inches deep and 35 inches long.

Will enjoy hearing how you would 
decorate this beauty!

Friend To friend Blessings To All!



  1. I would just keep trying things until the look suited me. It might take awhile! You have some great ideas. And, thanks for the tips on making garlands.

  2. I think you covered it. yes I would just keep going until I was happy

  3. I would use what I have and start with a theme and try placing the objects until it suites me.
    Taste changes with the mood so it's difficult for one person to tell someone else what will work for a particular person. Simplicity is usually best as far as I'm concerned.

  4. Janice, thanks so much for all the time you took to create these themes. With your eye for CupboardScapes I knew you'd have clever ideas...a marigold garland, a sweet potato garland, wow! You've given me ideas for year 'round, I couldn't have asked for more. I so appreciate you sharing your talents. Once I tinker and set it up (and knowing me, tinker and then tinker some more) I'll post pictures.

    Thanks to your friends as well...I always appreciate a second pair of eyes and sharing ideas! Mary

  5. That idea is my fav: I’m into antique linens and old quilts these days. It would make a fine table top and under table holder for these fabrics.
    What a super looking piece! Enjoy!

  6. You are just full of great ideas ;-)

  7. That sweet cupboard would look great in my house !!!! I would have Fun decorating that beautiful piece !!!LOL !!!!
    Marigold garland ! Never heard of that , will remember that ! For your Sweet Potato garland you can also roll the pieces in cinnamon ! They last for years !!!
    Lots of wonderful ideas !!!

  8. That's very short -- more like a bench than a cabinet. I'd put it in the hall with hats and mittens in the drawers and welcoming things on top. Maybe quilts in the bottom.

  9. Had to say again before the day's over...I really appreciate everyone's ideas! While not everything in the farmhouse is prim (some items handed down, some painted cupboards, some old, some new) I'm always drawn to primitives and their history. NMK I appreciate you saying it would look great in your house! Some people look at the old things I have, tilt their heads, and I can tell they're saying to themselves, "Ugh. WHY??" To each their glad to have found blogging friends who enjoy the same things I do! Heartfelt thanks, Mary

  10. What a fabulous piece! And paint!! Squeal!! I think you've given her 101 great ideas...but the best is to "play"...things I sometimes will look great don't...and I just keep moving things and eventually I find a combination I like... That being said, there is something that intrigues me about the initials on the drawers...and when I see initials, I think of schoolhouse days and that of course leads me to books. (Not to mention that I LOVE old books.) I'd have some old leather-bound ones on top (held up vertically by simple bookends or other substitutes) and maybe an old framed portrait and then some more books stacked under the drawers. The other thought that skitted through my mind was whether the piece could be flipped... Yes, the initials would be upside down but, sometimes drawer can be flipped too...not sure if these can but just a thought. ~Robin~

  11. I am jotting down your garland ideas. I did not know to do such a thing with marigolds. I love the sweet potato idea.

    Please have your friend share what she does, I like all your ideas.
    Thank you again for the garland tips and tricks.

  12. P.S. I love Mary's cabinet. The color is unique and I see the letters A and F on the drawers. Do share what she does.
    This was a fun post.


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