Friday, February 28, 2020

A Four Season Room

Only 2 more days until our

Today I want to show you our 
four season room...
as we are calling it now.

We will change it four times a year.
For now it is
 Boho meets Eclectic meets Nautical.

I was so out of my element
in creating this room,
however we have been getting lots
of good compliments on it thus far.

We took our fireplace mantel
that we normally use for our
antique store display and placed it here now.
It will remain forever here 
for our displays.

I already have a plan for our 
Summer mantel display.
Since we live by the river,
it will be an all Nautical/ Beach theme.

Oh I forgot a bit of Industrial too.
The prim cabinets throughout
will also stay.
So I guess you can say Primitive too.

Oh heck...let's just say it is a 
Blended Style. LOL

With  Boho style pillows,
Round and Macrame ones.
{some already sold}

These throws are so very soft.
50 x 60 you can snuggle right up in them.
With us practically living at the new store,
Bob has threatened to use one 
lots of times for a nap.

It has a warm and inviting
feeling when you are in there.

Crosses and chalice candle holders,
with Bob's Angels Gather Here sign.
{more Boho theme}

Vases, wood medallion,
planter boxes that Bob made 
plus a macrame mirror.

Pedestal shelf and terra cotta vase on wall.

Bob's industrial desk made from 
a live edge piece of wood.

This black table 
was actually someone's workbench
with a red vice on the corner.
Will be our display table now.

A little area of nautical for now
by our bathroom door.
The bridge picture above,
is actually a photograph added to canvas.
This was done by my friend.
It is a photo of our Blue Water Bridge
that spans between Michigan and Canada
in Port Huron, MI & Sarnia, Ontario CA.
It is a 2 span bridge which goes one way
on each bridge.
We are known as the Blue Water area
here in our neck of the woods,
so our name is fitting.

A view looking back into the main room.
Sometimes Bob and I take turns
just sitting in the chair by the fireplace.
It is really homey in there....
just no tv. LOL

I had to really go out of my comfort zone
to create something not primitive...
but all in all it does look good...
it must if the customers who have come 
in already say so.  :-)
Plus already sold items out of here.

We have a small room in the back 
where we can store more inventory.
Also Bob made cabinets in the main room
under the windows where we also have
inventory one more
aea which I have not shown yet.

Off to work I go.
Looking forward to our grand opening.
Wish us luck.

Four Season Blessings To All!


  1. I can see why you receive compliments! So pretty! You don't need luck with your new place. It's adorable and will be a big hit! Have fun and be sure to tell us how it goes on Sunday!

  2. Well, you must be just about bursting with excitement by now LOL...Can't wait to read all about it. I love your "four seasons" room...and eclectic mix of fun things. I can't wait to see the beach/nautical theme. I completely understand the "out of your element" thing...That is what I am feeling at the lake house. There isn't a lot of space for decor type stuff, but I do want to have a lake/beach/nautical vibe... Not the overused (at least in our neck of the woods) "northwoods" theme of deer, bear, etc. The fish and sea captains on your shelves caught my eye therefore!! Why can't you be closer??!!! Have a great opening!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

    1. Yes we both were. More North we have the bear lodge look. Sorry we are not closer for you. We do ship items though. Janice

  3. I hope the grand opening is everything you hoped for...and more :)

  4. All the best with your grand opening! May you flourish !!

  5. Best of luck on the opening (which you may have had -- I'm so behind on blogs!) I know the store will be a big success. It certainly is charming. I like the Boho feel of your room. Eclectic is my thing! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  6. Thank you! We had a "grand" Grand Opening! Janice


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