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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Window Beginnings

I cannot believe it is Thursday already.
Also cannot believe it is week two
of my vacation to work our new store.

Also forgot Valentine's Day is tomorrow.

Still spending long hours
getting the store ready.

Today I want to show you our first
window display.
I had created fabric peeps bunnies,
so I wanted to feature more peeps in my display.
 I made these out of heavy construction paper.

I think it turned out rather well.

Using more cardstock in Spring colors,
I created the paper garland.
Lots of cutting and gluing.

This display is facing in because
Bob still has a bench outside the window
blocking the view, so until he moves it...
it will have to be.
He was going to move it yesterday
before the snow came in,
but folks were sitting on it every time
he decided to move it.

Fabric carrots for sale along with 
handpainted scrabble tiles which spell HOP.

I so love these wood Cottontail Gardens boxes.
Notice the blue price tags.
Even though we have a price gun,
I still wanted 
the look of an old time shop,
so I will hand write all of our price tags
for everything except the food.

Off to to the store again.
Candles and room spray fresheners 
are due to come in today.

Still need to order the potpourri,
 honey, salsa and tea,

Our greeting cards came in Tuesday,
along with our coffee, candied almonds
and more home decor.

So much to inventory...
however starting to look like a store.

More to come......
I hope you continue to follow us on our
new journey.

Window Beginning Blessings To All!


  1. Good luck with sales and hope you need a Brinks truck to carry the cash to the bank for you.

    1. LOL on the Brinks truck. Hope it happens though. :-) Janice

  2. Hi Janice.
    Loved Saundra's comment about the Brinks truck!!! Your display is really adorable and so eye-catching!! Happy Valentine's Day!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

    1. Yes Saundra's comment made me laugh and smile at the same time. Thanks for your sweet comment too my friend! Janice

  3. Janice, I am getting so excited for you. It must be so much fun to do especially when it is turning out so great. Love all the peeps and the paper chains. Those bring back memories! Happy Valentines..xxoJudy

    1. Thank you Judy. So much hard work, but will be worth it. Many folks coming to the door we keep it locked now. Janice

  4. wonderful I wish I were able to shop!

  5. What a darling window! I think you'll most definitely be open by Easter and those Peeps will draw them in! I see a road trip in my future!

    1. Thank you Jeanie! Already working on the Mother's Day window. Have to stay ahead now. Janice

  6. So darn cute! Looks like Spring and of my favorite times of the year. Good luck and happy decorating!

    1. Thanks a bunch! Still decorating and ordering and inventory. Lots of work.

  7. I did read the other posts, but will share one comment here. First, WOW, you are so talented with such great ideas! I love the candy display with each taffy in their own container. The 6' rabbit - I want...teehee... I'm so happy for you with this new adventure. I like the variety you will offer. Have a productive Friday!

    1. Thanks Jacky! Already working on what I will do for the Mother's Day window display. Now I really have to work on these each month....unlike at our other store when we jud=st do the holidays. Lots of hard work, but enjoy it. Janice

  8. I love the blue, it is so appropriate. I so wish I could visit your store, will have to make do with the pictures I guess. It will be fun to watch the giant rabbit reactions. Does he have a name yet?

    1. Thank you Peggy! Well another blogger friend said I should call him Harvey..the rabbit that is. Janice

  9. Beautiful. Happy valentines Day.


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