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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Sweets Treats Repeat

Today's post is a sweet one.

The candy area of our new store.

I filled these adorable bunny boxes
with a pound of different candies in each one.
We have various vintage glass lidded jars,
so I filled them with candy too.
Purchase the jar and the candy is free.
We have others that are empty so you
are able to choose your own candy.

Next you see our candy jar logo.
I cut out the letters on adhesive vinyl.

Hard candy.

Toffee to die for.

Dum Dums priced right for the little kiddos.

Lookie here, not only were we interviewed
for our local paper...we made the front page,
and in COLOR! 

You can read our article by right clicking
the link above...scroll down to see
"this shop could open in Marine City March 1.

Next week we found out we will be once again
interviewed for the local tv show.

Candy galore!

More sweets!


And more! Repeat,

Bob hung our store signs yesterday.
We painted the building blue last Sunday,
and the it went from a brown to blue.
The awning went from Black to gray.
It sure is noticeable now!

I painted the store sign,
while a friend did the candy jar one.

Well hope you enjoyed this sweet treat. 
It is very hard to be at the store and not
try these every day.

Later today we will be headed to my daughters
for her house-warming party.

Fun will be had for sure!

Have a SWEET Weekend my friends!

Sweet Treats & Repeat Blessings To All!


  1. That is awesome! Nice article. The shop is very inviting. If I lived close, I'd be in to buy candy for sure!

    1. Thanks Jacky. We are so very proud of what he have done thus far. Janice

  2. What a wonderful adventure! Looks so fun...and sweet! Great article.

  3. I think I gained a pound just looking at all that candy!
    Congrats on the publicity!!!

    1. It is very hard for me not to eat any being there. Janice

  4. Very nicely done! Congratulations on the TV and newspaper ads. I remember buying candy in little glass containers shaped like telephones.

    1. Thanks a bunch! We are so very proud and lucky to have made the paper.Janice

  5. I could never, ever, have a shop like that LOL.... Just reading your post made me go get a KitKat and eat it LOL. I just know you will be successful, but wish you the very best of luck anyways. We had a little shop like that in the town north of us...I used to stop by when visiting my mom when she was in care up there.... It had a smattering of good antiques, a fabulous collection of old books for sale and, of course, the good old candy. They had all my favorites....Ice Cubes, Bit-o-Honey, Charleston Chews, Slo Pokes, etc. etc. And the old gums! Black Jack, Beemans, Fruit Stripe.... So much fun.... I was so sad when they closed. for the digression LOL. Hope all is well up there in Michigan!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

    1. Yes it is so very hard not to eat any candy while I am there. So glad you are back to blogging...again. So miss when you are absent. Janice

  6. Janice, it looks just wonderful. All the hard work you and Bob put into it really shows. Congrats for making the front page. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you Janet. Yes hard work..and hope it is all worth
      it. Janice

  7. looks so fun and inviting! I'm sure it will be a success and your town must think so too to have an article and an interview!

    1. Yes I wish I could retire right now and work it. Janice

  8. congrats on all the press. It looks like it will be a big hit!

  9. Thanks Cathy. We are glad we got it. Advertising like that would cost $1000. We know because we run ads for our other store. Janice

  10. I am so excited for you, Janice! It's darling, just darling! Can you imagine how excited the kids will be at those dumdums? I, on the other hand, would prefer the toffee! Counting down!

  11. Thank you Jeanie! The toffee is amazing, but so are the pretzels. It is hard not to open anything being there all of the time. LOL Yes we are counting down too! 6 days.


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