Monday, March 2, 2020

We Are Open

For Business!


Welcome Folks!

Have some brownies or cookies.
Tea or Lemonade or an Arnold Palmer.

It was a huge success.

We only had one incident.
I watched a man look around and
put a pack of gum in his pocket.
He also bought over
$25.00 in more candy and pickles.
When he did not take the gum out of his pocket,
I politely said to him.
Sir would you like to pay for the gum in your pocket?
He took his arms and looked for pockets
in his shirt (which there were none)
Said I dont have any pockets in my shirt.
I then said your pants.
He then grabbed his one pocket....
turned it inside out and coins flew on the floor.
Guess he thought the distraction would help.
Once he picked up his money 
I again said the other pocket.
He finally pulled out the gum and paid for it.

Guess some folks think they are
entitled to steal 
even when they pay for something else.

After he paid, I asked him if he wanted
to add his name and number into 
our drawing.
He was so nervous he walked out so fast,
that I said to Bob he did not want us
 to know who he was.
Doubt if we see him in again.

Well have to go to work.
It is raining right now.
I am not feeling so good.
Had the chills last night and could not get warm.
Hope I am not catching something.

Have a wonderful Monday my friends!

We Are Open Blessings To All!


  1. So glad to hear it was a success and how odd he wanted to steal a pack of gum and pay for the rest
    I hope you are not coming down with something everything is going around right now.

    1. Thank you Cathy! Yes it was very odd indeed, but unfortunately it has happened to us before in our antique store. An older lady purchased some license plates and then stole 2 others. I always say they will get theirs in the end. Janice

  2. With exception of that one incident glad your opening was successful. Hope you aren't catching something too...other than the thief.

    1. I did go home in the afternoon that day and slept for hours. Maybe I just needed some rest, because I am feeling fine now. Janice

  3. oh my goodness...a pack of gum? He must get his "kicks" from stealing something....mental illness...kind of thing. The "thrill" of it. He obviously had money. Other than that I'm glad to hear your open house was a success! You both worked so hard to make it happen!

    1. Yes a 35 cent pack of gum. Folks are loving our honey. We sold out and Bob had to re-order again today. The store is doing good thus far...keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way. Janice

  4. Congratulations on a successful open house. You have both worked so hard for this day!

    1. Thank you! Yes we have worked hard and still work extra hours each night planning next months window displays and inventory...but I love it! Janice

  5. Congrats on your successful opening. I hope your success continues.

  6. Well, you can tell that fellow had done the gum bit before. How odd, to do that and still buy things. You had eagle eyes! I'm so glad it all went well -- I'm sure everyone loves it!

    1. I never thought of it that way, but you might be right. Janice

  7. I knew you'd be a success! Congrats and I hope you have many more busy days there...except no shoplifters please! I also hope you're not sick. Maybe just wore out with the new store!

    1. We anticipate our Summer will be crazy busy as we are a tourist town. Janice

  8. Congrats on the opening...yay! And the gum...I was thinking maybe I'd have my little milkhouse shop on the honor system like Poorhouse Pies does...maybe not?! Yikes!

    1. Yeah you might want to re-think that. Its the bad apples that make it bad for the good ones. Janice

  9. Congrats on the successful grand opening....I was thinking of you! So sad about the gum man....truly must be a sickness for him if he could afford $25 worth of merchandise, but not the packet of gum. I'm glad you were tenacious....I likeley would have given up after the shirt LOL. Glad to read you didn't get sick...probably just needed some rest...heaven knows you were on constant "go".... Hope your weekend is off to a good start! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. Thank you Robin. I worked yesterday and we had another good day, plus the first week was better than we imagined. So thankful sine we put in all of the hard work. The time change has kicked me in the butt now as we worked late into the night doing taxes. UGH. Always something. Hope your weekend is going good for you! Janice


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