Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Garden Is Awake

Happy Sunday friends.
Well my vacation is almost over.
I have to go back to work on Tuesday,
however I think I worked harder at the store,
then at my normal work. LOL
However it will all be worth it. 
Even though we have had the coldest weather 
thus far this Winter, the garden is awake
in our new store. 

This is our garden area.
Bunnies and faux lavender pots.

Birdhouses, a lighthouse birdfeeder and
small topiaries for sale.

Bunson burner vases, wood mango trays
and a cement pineapple.

Bob stenciled this sign along with others
we have in our home decor area.
{will show once completed}

Starting to get filled up.

Goodies on top, including this vent.

Bob painted the cabinet 
the same white as the other ones.
{this one we had}

Inside we have bunny cabbage pitchers,
cement snails and turtles in the second shelf.

On top there are glass plant misters,
exposed fern roots in glass footed vases.

White palm artichokes and bunnies.

Bob made this wood cabinet.

He also made another door trellis.
The first one is in our own yard.

I have more garden items
 coming in on Tuesday.
Will have to go to the store after work
and add to inventory.

Today the outside of our building 
will be painted blue and the awning gray.

Cannot wait to see this completed.
Then Bob will add our sign that I painted.

Getting more excited 
for our opening every day now. 

Today I have to take FIL grocery shopping.
Then I need to do laundry.
While doing that, 
will be crocheting more dishcloths.
Actually sold 3 of them the other day.
A lady came from our other store stating that
our worker told her we had them.
She came a long distance,
so I could not turn her down. 
Once laundry is done, will head back to the store.

What will this day find you doing?

Garden Blessings To All!


  1. Everything looks so inviting Janice !
    Love the door trellis 💗

    1. Yes the door trellis at our home is similar to the one Bob now made to sell at the store. Everyone who comes in tells us the same thing that the colors are so inviting. We are so very happy! Janice

  2. The two of you are worker bees!!!! Good luck with sales.

  3. Looking so good! I'm ready for Spring and outdoor living. I know, I know, a few more weeks but when the temps stay mild I get antsy to get my hands in the dirt! Good luck with the's really so cute. A destination that I'm sure many will travel to enjoy!

    1. Me too! Even though we had a mild Winter here for themost part. Yes we are a destination town for sure with our mighty blue river. Janice

  4. visiting with great friends a good day.

  5. How wonderful your store and all of the things you have in it are! Wish I lived closer to come visit!

    1. Wish all of my blogger friends lived closer, including yourself. Janice

  6. Such pretty things for you store! Would love to come visit!

    1. Thanks. If you are in to camping there is a state park about 7 minutes South of our store. We always have the camper folks visit in the Summer. Janice

  7. Amazing transformation from the urban garage to the light and airy gift shop. Lots of really nice things should be great addition to the city. The proprietors are pretty nice too. Hope it is all a huge success

    1. Yes it is. Wait until you see the outside of the building now...maybe you already did on Facebook. Thanks for the kudos. We had the Times Herald out last night for an interview. They called Bob...we did not call them. Janice

  8. Everything that is in your store looks ilke something I would love to buy! Those lavender pots are especially lovely and the bunnies. Oh, so much. And splendid cabinet work.

  9. There are a quite a few items I would purchase for myself...Bob wont let me bring anything home. LOL Janice


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