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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

All That Is Good Is Wood

Well there's a feeling of great accomplishment
when you are able to create things
with your own hands.
Whether you are a rug hooker,
cross stitcher, quilter,
or any other handmade,
there is always a sense of pride when you have
finished a creation you made.

I am so proud of what Bob has accomplished,
that I wanted to show you all.
When we first met 15 years ago,
he started creating these signs.
We did the craft show circuit here in Michigan.
We sold online.
Then we sold at our first antique booth.
Our antique store became our next venue.

Now he is making signs again for our new store.
The HOP scrabble tiles I stenciled.
Bob cut the wood.

Bob created this bunny and carrot, while I painted them.

Bob cut the wood and framed these in tobacco sticks.
I stenciled the word home.

Bob's sign.

Another one.

This one I have always loved. 

This one is new.
Bob created these planter boxes.
He stenciled all 4 sides, added the wood ball feet.

Same design, but in blue.

This sign is more intricate.

Finally his white cabinet.

I know I have said this before....
Bob is very talented and I am so
 very proud of his accomplishments.

I know many of you who follow me
are very talented as well.

Please share your talent or accomplishments.
Would love to hear them!

In other news one of the reporters
for  the local newspaper
contacted Bob yesterday from his Facebook
post of our new store.
She did an interview with us last night.
We will be featured soon.
We are really getting excited now
for our grand opening!
2 weeks away

Good Wood Blessings To All!


  1. lots of hard work for sure I wish you great success.
    you know I am a rug hooker but my husband creates all the time from wood most of cabinets are made by him.

    1. How nice that your husband creates cabinets too! Janice

  2. I love the very first sentence of your post today; as well as the whole paragraph! I agree with you whole heartedly. Your store is really taking shape. Love all the wood signs and creative thought. You and your husband work well together. The "Angels Gather Here" is my favorite.

    1. Yes that sign is a precious one to me it is more intricate and takes longer to create which some folks dont realize. Janice

  3. i have a cupboard just like your little white one my father in law made it many years ago it may be called vintage by now.wish i were near you so i could visit your store.

    1. How nice that you also have a family member who can create out of wood. It is much more special when a family member makes something for you. Janice

  4. Hubby is very talented and a keeper for sure :)

    1. Yes, sometimes I think he missed his calling with the ability he has for woodworking. Janice

  5. You are both very talented!! I love it all. Have a great evening.

    1. Thanks Janet. Bob is a very talented woodworker. Janice

  6. Although Jack's Grandfather was a cabinet maker and did a lot with wood, Jack's allergic to sawdust! Ha! So we don't create beauty but he's the best Chiropractor in the brag, just fact...and I have a fabulous talent of admiring other's talents! I love your items here and I'm looking forward to more of the store!

    1. Oh my being allergic to sawdust is no fun. So glad he is the best Chiropractor...sometimes Bob could use a doctor like that. Janice

  7. A handy husband is priceless! Your items are great! I can't wait for the preview of the shop.

  8. If there's a link to the article when it's published, please be sure to post it or send to me. I'm thrilled you are being recognized. And Bob's work is WOW!

  9. Link will be posted this morning. However it is It is the Port Huron paper which serves our county of St. Clair. Janice BTW, yes Bob is a keeper for sure!


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