Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Historic National Inn

This is the bed and breakfast we stayed at.
Marshall, MI
Circa 1835
This is the oldest hotel in Michigan.
It is also the 8th most haunted one in Michigan.

In the early days it was the halfway point
between Detroit and Chicago by stagecoach.
By 1844 it was known as the railroad hotel,
as it was still a hotel for the trains passengers.

Our suite was located on the second floor.
The first three windows on the left of this pic.
We had a corner room, with one more window
on the other side of the building.

We had two bathrooms.
Another small room with a shower.
This chair was in our bedroom. 

We had a queen iron bed.
This was a replica as queen beds were not
around in the 1800's.
(sorry took this pic the morning we were leaving)

This was our sitting room.
The open door in back was our bedroom.

The sitting room had a couch with a tv.

The view from this window was awesome.
Will show you that in a different post.

The front porch.

Our view from the wicker settee.
Notice the pineapple by the front door?
The pineapple was a sign of welcome
 in colonial days.

So now for my ghost story.

We arrived back at our room after 10pm.
Bob realized that the room the innkeeper
told me was the most haunted 
was right next to ours.
That freaked me out a bit.

Prior to arriving at the inn for the evening,
we went on a ghost tour
 which was a horse drawn carriage ride.
Our tour guide told us 
that it was common knowledge
to the locals that two ghosts
 were at the inn we were staying at.

One was the lady in red.
She was a prostitute that was killed 
by the mob during prohibition. 
No one knew her name though.
The mob also used this hotel as the halfway point
between Detroit and Chicago.
She only visits single men...so Bob was spared.

I on the other hand was not.

The other known ghost was a boy child.
No one knows why he remains at the hotel...
but he is there.
No one knows his name either.

So with our bedroom being directly
next to the known haunted room...
I was really a bit on edge. 
It took me longer to go to sleep than Bob.

He was already snoring when I was woken up
by someone touching my feet.

I said to myself,
ok I am not worried.
 Bob was still snoring so I knew he did not do it.
Well I turned over to my side

I am showing this picture again.
I was sleeping on the side by the lamp.
There was also a cabinet 
on Bob's side of the bed with another lamp.
Now after having my feet touched
I turned to my side facing the lamp...
curled up a bit.
However a few minutes later,
someone started pushing 
down on the mattress directly in front of me.
The mattress kept moving up and down.


There was not enough room
 between my body and that mattress
 for someone to sit beside me.
It was like someone 
was using their hands to move it.
Now I was scared. 
I turned my light on immediately.
Turned to look at Bob and he was still snoring.
I slept with the light on the rest of the evening.
The child ghost really spooked me. 

In the morning I told Bob what happened to me.
He said nothing woke him up.
{I already knew that}

At breakfast we started talking to the two ladies
who were in the known haunted room.
I told them my story.
They said nothing happened to them.
Go figure.

They were sisters that came up for a visit.
One was from Phoenix, Arizona.
The other was from Dayton, Ohio.

They asked where we were from and when we
said Marine City...they were shocked as they were
born and raised in the next town up from us.
We all said what a small world it was. 

Our breakfast consisted of
fresh fruit
mushroom quiche
blueberry bread
with fresh blueberries, syrup and or whipped cream
Orange, grapefruit and tomato juice

Staying at the inn was an experience.
Will I go back?
I have to really think about it.
It was a nice place in the daylight.
Maybe a room on the first floor would work.


Historic Inn Blessings To All!


  1. Ohhh, nothing like a Spooky Old Inn! The room you had was beautiful and I love all the furnishings too. Maybe next time, you should take one or two of your Witch Halloween dollies with you for protection!! That is what I would do, along with my basket of Halloween kitties for the foot of the bed!! Next time, maybe pick an Inn that doesn't have ghosts and stories of past visits attached to it? The place does have an interesting history and the amenities and breakfast seemed very nice. We have some old historic inns here in Gainesville that have ghost stories associated with them too.

    1. LOL on taking my dollie friends with me. Maybe I should next time. I figured we have ghosts in our store and it don't bother me....but for some reason it DID bother me this time. It was an experience I will never forget for sure! Janice

  2. That looks like a very cool place to stay. I am one of those disbelievers...but that's what makes the world go 'round.

    1. Loved looking at all of the rooms that were vacant. It was a nice place. Maybe you should stay there. Janice

  3. Ooooohhh....I love good ghost story!! I don't think I would have been brave enough to stay in the first place. We went to Allegan on Sunday but the antique show is not as good as it used to be. Probably won't go back for a long time!! See you in Holly!!

    1. We went to Allegan a few years ago and it was not that good. Its getting harder for us to find good primitives. See you soon! Janice

  4. Janice, I say I would love to experience that, but then again, maybe not! Even though I try not to, I do believe. What an experience and I bet morning couldn't come soon enough. I would just like to be in that position once in my life, just to say that I KNOW it did happen, and I believe you..Happy Wednesday..xxoJudy

    1. Once I turned the light on I kept my eyes closed and just fell asleep. All was calm in the morning...and I ventured into all of the rooms and took pictures. It was a cool place to stay. Janice

  5. Forgot to thank you for your sweet visit..Happy Summer my friend..xxoJudy

  6. Thanks for your sweet visit too! Still love those sunflowers! Janice

  7. oh my ! your ghost story was scary! I have heard so many things over the years about ghosts that is it hard not to believe! But what fun and what a memory!

  8. Yes it will be something I will never forget for sure! Janice

  9. Great place. Have a happy week. Greetings.

    1. Hope you have a great week too Sandra! Thanks for stopping by. Janice

  10. My goodness, he picked you. Guess he doesn't waste time on those who snore. Love ghost stories!

  11. Wow, what a story! We have a haunted inn not far from us, but I just don't think I have the courage...I am curious though. Thanks for stopping by my blog...I love that I can find someone else who loves the prim look!

    1. Yep our whole house is primitive, but our kids think it is just good firewood. UGH At least now my son knows the value of all of it since working the store. Love your prims! Janice

  12. What a fun trip! Isn't Marshall lovely? I've never stayed over, though. Love the ghost story! I believe!

  13. Thanks jeanie. Yes we believe too! It happens to us all of the time at out store. We caught an orb going between us last Friday evening on our cameras. We believe. Janice


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