Monday, July 15, 2019

Best Part Of Any Parade

After I posted my parade post,
I thought to myself....
Janice you forgot to add something
to you parade display.

Well of course that would be the


So here is parade post part two.

Although I do not eat much candy anymore,
I decided to bring in some of my favorites
for this post.

Red Licorice

These flag ones I made to look like wrapped candy.
Many years ago.

Same with these candy sticks.
Just used blue and white striped fabric.
Took a straw, laid it on some quilt batting.
Cut the batting to fit around the straw.
Then added a few more inches more 
of the blue and white fabric. 
Rolled the batting & fabric around the straw.
Hot glued the long strip, then hot glued each end.

The bubblegum is just wood balls that I painted
in Patriotic colors.

These are real candy sticks.
I placed them in this fun basket
that Winnie gifted me.
Looks great together don't it!

Now did you know that the throwing of candy
in a parade originated in the 1870's in a
Mardi Gras parade.
The king of the parade threw treats into the crowd.

Unfortunately there are many parents out there
being concerned that their young children
are being hit with the candy.
I don't know about you all,
but when I was little,
my parents would NOT let me go 
into the street until the candy was on the ground.
Then we ran and grabbed it...
and waited for the next float to go by.

I did the same with my own children.
This way they would not get hit.
I think there are some parents out there
that forget how fun it was and lots of towns
are banning the candy 
from being thrown from floats.
I think this is so unfair.

How do you feel about this latest ban?
Did you like grabbing the candy in a parade?

Parade Candy Blessing To All!


  1. while I agree that some of the old traditions are gone for no reason. There has been children run over by floats trying to get the candy. I know here there are people who dress up and hand out candy along the parade route.
    great make believe candy you made.

    1. Oh no, I never heard of children getting run over by floats. There are folks that walk along the floats closer to the sidewalk that pass out the candy by us. Its much safer. Janice

  2. Your candy looks great! My son and his children came to your candy shop a couple of weeks ago when they were camping in Algonac. The kids were telling me about the candy/ice cream store they went too and then it hit me that it was YOUR candy shop! They had a blast. See you in Holly..just a few weeks away!!

    1. Thanks Bobbie! Well there is another candy store in town that sells ice cream. If they went to our antique store, then they were at ours. Janice

  3. Red licorice, my favorite! Your hand makes look pretty darn good, too 😊

    1. Thanks Lauren! I had fun making them...maybe will make more in Halloween colors. Janice

  4. Interesting about the tossing candy. I hadn't thought about kids getting hit with it, but I suspect it could come at them pretty hard. The patriotic candies look very cute in your jars!

    1. Thank you Jeanie. Well the parades in our town they toss the candy in the street by the sidewalk and there are also folks who walk along who toss candy. Its much safer. Janice

  5. Love the candy that you created from fabric !!! Throwing candy ...hmmmm , it is safer for kids to wait , just another lost childhood fun thing we did though

    1. Yes I agree. It's safer for kids to wait like I was taught and my children were taught.I did have fun making the candy too! Janice

  6. Hi Janice,
    Love your sweet candy display and your faux candy looks like the real thing!! Great job as always!!!
    Now I want some candy!!! lol
    Have a great week, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

    1. Thanks Julie! I really had fun making the faux candy and may try to make some in Halloween colors. I have some M&M's still left. LOL Janice

  7. 'Love your candy jars. Yes, I think the candy throwing could be dangerous. Perhaps years ago some people did not realize that though. We all still love candy.

    1. Yeah things sure have changed since I was a kid...and yes I love candy every now and then. Janice

  8. Love those real and faux candies in summer colors! I had heard about the Mardi Gras tossing of plastic beads but not candy. Maybe people are afraid of contaminated candy?

    1. I am glad you found a good spot for the little basket. it looks really cute with the blue candy sticks too!!

    2. I did not hear about contaminated candy..just that kids were getting hurt running out and having candy thrown at them. Janice

    3. Yep the little basket fit perfectly with my candy display. I so love it and thank you again for gifting it to me. Janice

  9. Love the candy at parades and I really like your fabric candy sticks ☺️

    1. I still love your new squirrel. You did an awesome job on it! Janice


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