Sunday, July 21, 2019

Can You Say Hot

We are under a heat wave.
Other than take my FIL to the 
grocery store yesterday, I stayed
inside all day and hooked away.

Friday night we had some storms come in.
Now more homes along the river are flooded.
Our dock is now partially under the water.
We now have water creeping up to the garage.
We may have to sandbag like our neighbor did.  

This is not the same river we are use to,
but it has now become the new normal.

Pops (FIL) does not have air in his place,
so we invited him for dinner last night
so he did not have to cook in the heat.
I made a park roast in the crock pot
with all the fixins.

Today's post continues with my
patriotic displays.
This time our mantle.

A simple one.

With greenery.

White geraniums in blue striped pitchers.


With an antique red and blue starred 
gauze fabric draped underneath.

Once the kitties gave up my chair,
I sat back down and resumed my hooking here.
This chair is directly across from our fireplace....
where the view is very patriotic!

On another note,
the grandfather of the young man who drowned,
hired a pilot to search the river Thursday 
from the air
in hopes of finding his grandson.
Thursday morning around 7:45 am 
he was found 15 miles downriver 
from where he drowned.
The family now has closure at least.
Still a heartbreaking story for all of us
who live here.

Well off to work I go with Bob.
I will work The Urban Garage today,
while Bob works Back Porch.
Our worker needed the day off.

Hot Hot Hot Blessings To All!


  1. I am hoping when I return home from the lake that my basement isn't wet. Someone is coming in to do repairs on Tuesday and I hope, hope, hope he doesn't find a mess!

    Love your kitties. Isn't it true, how much they love "your" chair?! Mine too!

    1. Ours kitties love my chair, our bed, my sons bed, the couch...LOL..but we love them both! Janice

  2. I wish you could send us some of your rain. We went from lush green to crunchy brown almost overnight. We did get a little rain this evening and I am praying for more. Thankfully our heat will break tomorrow for at least a few days.
    Prayers for the family of the young man. Heartbreaking.

    1. I wish I could send you some rain...we don't need anymore for sure. THanks for the prayers..I am sure now at least the family has closure. Still heartbreaking for sure though. Janice

  3. It was a scorcher all week. Sad to hear of the boy, but you are right closure is good. Lovely decor!

  4. Thanks Jacky. Today the morning temperature was at 58. It was great sleeping weather last night. More rain today which is not what we need. Janice


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