Thursday, July 18, 2019

July CupboardScape

Happy Summer Thursday my friends.
Before I start my post,
would you say a wee prayer 
for the divers to find a local families son.
Unfortunately he dove off a boat in the middle
of our river, and the undertow took him
and he drowned last Friday night.
They have been searching for his body since.
We all know that you cannot swim
in the middle of the river.
The current is too fast and the undertows
will take even the most experienced swimmer.
This young man (21) was drinking with
his friends and decided to go for a swim.
It cost him his life.
The family has been sitting by the river daily
for the divers to recover his body....
so I am asking for prayers so this
family can have some closure.
It was a terrible tragedy.

Since I did not decorate last year for July 4th,
I sorta went overboard this year.
Every room except the bedrooms had some
red white and blue in it. 

For this month's CupboardScape,
I added some of my favorite stoneware.

A blue pantry box.

This piece I purchased from a sweet 
antique friend years ago.
She passed away this year, but I will cherish
this piece forever.

This stoneware piece is also a favorite because
it is a butter churn.

Now have you noticed the red white and blue
background in each picture?

It is not an American Flag but 
from the country of France.

You might be wondering now why would 
I include a flag from France in my 
Well It is because I am half French.
This flag was spotted by me at a sale last year.
There was no price on it, and when I asked
the seller if it was for sale, she stated that if
I could tell her what country it came from,
that I could have it for $2.00.
As you can see, 
I guessed right and it came home with me.

So even though it is not our flag,
the colors go perfectly with ours!

I scored with this $2.00 purchase.
Have you scored on a piece...
 and if so what did you pay for your score?

July 2019 Blessings To All!


  1. no big scores lately for me. How awful for that family and the divers. I hope there is closure soon

    1. Yes it was awful. His friend jumped in also to try and save him. He could have drowned too. Janice

  2. Hi Janice, so sad for the family who lost their son and his their pain is prolonged during the search process. Prayers for all. On a lighter note, I always enjoy seeing your beautiful crock collection - truly treasures. Jane

    1. Yes it was a sad tragedy that was avoidable. Thanks for stopping by Jane! Janice

  3. I am so sorry to hear about the drowning of a local boy in the river. His family must just be devastated.

    It is so neat that you are half French and was able to find a flag for your home. It looks great with all of your fantastic salt glaze crocks too!

    Vive La France!!

    1. Yes the family stayed at the boardwalk for days hoping the divers would find their son. The flag is perfect with ours...and so is the British one now that I think about it. Janice

  4. How very sad about the diver. Of course, prayers.

    I adore your French flag. I just simply love it!

    1. Thanks for the prayers Jeannie. They did find him Thursday morning after my post. Janice

  5. So sad. Have a great day.

  6. Janice, the flag is just right to go with our country's flag. The French are friends of ours (or for the time being anyway)! I love all your stoneware. I have many pieces too, but unfortunately not as nice as yours as mine are all repo's. What a tragedy for that family and what a horrible way to go. I hope they are able to find their son. There are so many warnings around here to not go in the rivers. Even though it is so hot and that is where most want to be, the water is too cold and running too fast..Thanks for your visit. I'll will be happy to get the right pie next time..Happy Thursday..xxoJudy

    1. Yep my paternal great great grandparents came over here from France in the late 1800's. Let's hope you dont have the same tragedy we had with your rivers. Janice

  7. The flag looks beautiful.....and your stoneware/pottery is so lovely!

    1. Thank you. It did go well with my display! Janice

  8. Also meant to say so sorry for the the young man's drowning......hope they find his body soon. So very sad

    1. They did find his body shortly after my post. Janice

  9. I love that pantry box! All of your decorations look wonderful!! So, so sad about that young man.....drinking, boating and swimming do NOT mix...every parent's nightmare. God bless him and his family!

    1. Thanks Bobbie! Yes it was a horrible tragedy that could have been avoided. So sad indeed. Janice

  10. I do love all your crocks!!!
    How sad for the young man's family and even sadder knowing it could have been avoided.

  11. That is a very sad incident. Swimming after drinking is extremely dangerous.. but it is hard to convince the youths.

    1. Yes it is Krishna. So sad as it did not have to happen. Janice

  12. Hi Janice,
    So very sad to hear about that young man and how terrible for his family! May they sense the comfort only God can give! Praying they recover his body soon!
    Your French flag is just wonderful with your stoneware and blue pantry box and you sure can't beat the price!! Perfect score!! One of my special "scores" was an old basket filled with stonefruit for $15.00! I was so excited to find it as the basket was an antique as well! When we got to the checkout we found out that it was 50% off so it ended up being $7.50!!! I was over the moon thrilled!!!
    Hope you enjoy your weekend, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  13. WOW what a great score indeed! I would have felt like that lady in the IKEA commercial when she told her husband to hurry up and leave because she scored a deal. They did recover the body shortly after i did my post on Thursday. So sad.Janice


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