Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Patriotic Basket Display

Happy, Cheerful and Quite Pleased.
It did not rain Saturday night for the fireworks.
It was actually a very cool evening in the 60's.
Yesterday no rain.
Today no rain.
Can it continue?
Let's hope so.

This is the patriotic basket display I created.

Remember my hooked rug?
I added it to this very patriotic feed sack
with red and blue stripes.

A wax sealer with red pepper berries and white tallow ones.

Another one.
For those not familiar with wax sealers,
they have a lip inside so that when you added your 
preserves, you would then add the wax up to the lip.
It was the early way of canning.

Lots of RED


Did you all have a nice weekend?
Yesterday after helping Bob add 
our new signs up for The Urban Garage,
you would have found me happily hooking.

Whilst Shadow was doing his favorite past time
next to me.


Patriotic Basket Display Blessings To All!


  1. lovely as always my grandmother use to wax seal some of her jams.
    Had not thought about that in years.

    1. Glad I provided the memory for you. Memories are so nice! Janice

  2. I love red, white and blue!
    Cathy reminded me that my mom, too, used to wax seal jelly 😊
    Happy to hear you've had a few dry days. Enjoy.

    1. My grammas use to seal their preserves with wax too! Janice

  3. Wax seal jars are new to me. Fascinating! My Mom used to use paraffin to seal her jars, but she only used odd jelly or small jars that were not official canning jars. My Mom was the Queen of save and recycle!

    Love the Red/White/Blue display. These colors have come to mean Summertime for me. Enjoy your dry days too. It is about time you got a breather from the constant rains!

    1. Yep a few dry days...more on the way though. I see a disturbance in the Gulf picking up. Hope it will not come near you. Janice

  4. Beautiful.

  5. Hi Janice,
    Lovely display and love those canning crocks! I have 3 or 4 of them that are redware and really enjoy mine!!! They even say Peoria on the bottom, though it is Illinois, not AZ!!
    Hope you enjoy your hooking time and so very happy for NO RAIN!!!
    Have a great week, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  6. How cool! I will need to look at the bottom of mine to see if there are any writing on them. Yep I am having fun hooking some goodies for our Fall show. Janice

  7. Janice, your baskets are so pretty as is everything else. There is something special about red, white and blue in the form of primitives. I love it. Thanks so much for your sweet visit. The gardens are very enjoyable this summer, must be all the rain we got..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

  8. Yes Judy, red, white and blue is special! These are the primary colors in our home. Hopefully it will not rain over the weekend so I can pull some weeds...they are taking over. UGH Janice

  9. I love your basket display -- and Shadow looks like he/she has summer all figured out!

  10. Yes he does Jeanie...Yes he does. He was a wild kitty when we found him and loves being indoors having the good life now. Janice

  11. Love all the red, white and blue...we are keeping ours out for a while longer, too. I have always been a fan of striped stoneware and have a few myself...they are so handsome! Everything looks great!

    1. I keep out all of the patriotic displays all month long then start to add the Autumn goodies in August. I so love so many prims it’s hard for me to like just one, but my wax sealers are somewhat a favorite. I only have one striped piece and so love it. Would like to see yours. Janice


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