Friday, June 21, 2019

Spring And Summer Bedroom Reveal

Well friends,
this week we have had 4 more days of rain.
Our dock now is level with the river.
Some folks have electricity that 
runs along their docks for lights.
Now because of the water levels,
our officials are warning everyone not to go into
the water near docks that are electrified.
If you do, you may be electrocuted.
We do not have electricity on our dock....
but there are some up and down river from us.
So now we have to find out how far away
you have to be from those docks to swim.

Hopefully with Summer now being
 the first day today the rains will go away.

As promised
our blue and white bedroom.
I have always loved the colors
of red and blue.
This Spring/ Summer I decided to pull in 
my blue and white items for 
this change up.
Mixed in with some wood.

I will let the pictures tell the story.

Hope you enjoyed our bedroom reveal.
Next post I will show more 
up close pics of the blues and whites.

Tonight we will be viewing some fireworks
across the river that our
Canadian friends put on for the
first day of Summer.

Have a marvelous weekend my friends!
I will have a hook in my hand this weekend...
and then change up with a needle.
Working on more hooked rug mats,
and another witch 
Helga Hag

Blue And White Blessings To All!


  1. I love the peg rack with the blue and white quilts and coverlet!
    Happy first day of summer. It rained ALL day yesterday but the sun is shining today. Life is good!!!

    1. Thanks Lauren! First weekend without rain. Janice

  2. Looks wonderful! Blue and white is always a big winner for summer.
    Have a great weekend,

    1. Yes it sure does Robyn! Then add a bit of red for July. Janice

  3. Your bedroom looks very peaceful and charming with the blue and white mixtures. I love your groupings of furniture and antiques to create that true vintage feel. This is a great retreat for a good night's rest!

    The river water levels are indeed worrisome! Especially with the potential threat of existing lights on docks causing shocks! Happy Midsummer Today! folklore has it that tonight , Fairies can be seen dancing in yards and celebrating. I will be sure to check it out down here and you do the same up there! LOL!!

    1. Yes especially when the windows are open and the breeze blowing in. Finally a weekend with no rain...but more on tap the next three days. Janice

  4. This has been a very rainy spring and hope it ends soon for you. Colors and decor is beautiful and enjoy looking at those lovely hooked rugs!!

    1. Thank you for liking my rugs Saundra. Wish the rain would end here too. Too much flooding near us. Janice

  5. What a beautiful bedroom I love the quilt and coverlet and your hanging cupboard is so pretty. It's raining and gloomy here wishing you safety and nice weather this weekend
    Linda m

    1. Thank you Linda! We had a beautiful sunny Summer weekend! Janice

  6. lovely color for spring. I love your quilts to cozy up on a cool day which we have had many here.

    1. Yes I actually have many blankets and quilts around the house for just that! Janice

  7. A truly beautiful room Janice! I, too, love the peg rack with the quilts and coverlet. And your curtains turned out wonderfully. It is windy and rainy here again...but they say that warmer weather is on its way....we may even get to 80 this week. Woo Hoo!!!! Hope the weekend was good for you. ~Robin~

    1. We had a wonderful weekend finally! But more rain came in overnight now and will stay for a few days. Still flooding here. Thanks for your wonderful comment on our bedroom. More close ups today. Janice

  8. Hi Janice,
    Everything looks so lovely and inviting!!! Beautifully put together, as always!!!! Hope the river starts to recede for you soon!!
    Stay safe and have a great week, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~

  9. The ground is so wet it’s like walking on a sponge with our grass, which is making the ants and spiders coming inside now. We have sprayed twice now to keep them at bay. Thanks for your sweet comment. Janice


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