Saturday, June 15, 2019

June CupboardScape

Happy Saturday my friends!
Well it will be a wet weekend for us.

For those new tomy blog, 
I spent my Summer months on both
set of grandparents dairy farms.
Both were quite unique.
Paternal grandparents had 350 acres.
Maternal grandparents had 80 acres.
I loved them both 
even though it was hard work at times.
Today's CupboardScape brings in 
items  that reminded me of each.

Daisies were abundant in the fields.
The milk skimmer was used to 
separate the curds/ whey from the milk.
Gramma B used sad irons right off the
wood stove. [pictured to the right]
Kerosene lanterns were everywhere....
until electricity came,

I remember drinking from the buckets with
our enamel ladles.
Feed sacks were in all of the barns.

Grampa B loved his Jack Daniels,
while Grampa H used his shaving mirror each day.

Gramma H loved her Blue Ribbon spices,
while Gramma B loved her yellowware.

Gramma H changed out the Winter quilts,
and placed the white Summer linens throughout.
She always wore a bonnet.
While both Gramma's had these small brooms
for quick cleanups.

Putting this CupboardScape together
reminded me of the simple life we had on
those farms.
TV was hardly ever on.
We listened to the radio more.

We had no weatherman to tell us
 what the day would bring.
The trees and animals predicted the weather.
The cloud patterns in the sky 
told us when rain was moving in.
I still know rain is coming in with that one
pattern of clouds.
Bob thinks I am crazy...but am always right.

I love the rural life.
Even though we do not live on a farm,
here along the river it is nice.
Because the State land is nearby,
the deer, turkeys, and fox come visit.
Birds are abundant.
The turtles lay their eggs in our grass...
and the occasional snake makes an appearance.
Then of course we have the freighters.
Which I keep a log of.
Yep, I love it here now....
but still have fond memories of the farm.

Well off to take FIL grocery shopping with me.
Then will be working on my own 
Summer curtains for our bedroom.

What will your weekend find you doing?

Spring Farm Life Blessings To All!


  1. You are lucky to have such fond childhood memories.
    Life along the river sounds heavenly 😊

  2. Hi Janice. Love your cupboard displays and your memories. I had forgotten that we used to drink from the dipper out of the bucket of water hauled to grandma's porch from the water tank. This time of year I remember picking strawberries out of their garden and having cream, straight from the cow, on top. Also loving to watch my grandfather milk said cow and squirting milk into the barn cat's mouths..Thanks for the memories and your visit. We had a fun day at the beach and always enjoy scenes on the wharf..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

    1. Thank you Judy! Yep drinking from the dipper was a daily thing for me. Janice

  3. Such beautiful memories.... My paternal grandparents were deceased long before I was born, and my maternal grandfather died when I was, not too many memories there. But I grew up on my mother’s family farm and many of your memories I have of that time as well. That ladle brought back that wonderful taste of drinking the coldest water possible from those old aluminum glasses LOL. W. Had a wet start to the weekend, but fingers crossed we may be out of the woods??? Who knows, they still are calling for a possible shower or two tomorrow...and a high of only 60. I plan on going to visit my mum tomorrow, catch up on some blog reading ( ;-) ) and hopefully find time for some hooking. Enjoy your tomorrow! ~Robin~

    1. Oh I remember those aluminum glasses too! I loved the colors of them. So vibrant. Janice

  4. I grew up in Chicago so no farm memories for me but yours sound so lovely. Moving to Ohio I've become a country gal. My hubby's parents had a 120 acre farm, although my Father-in-law was a Chiropractor, and my kids grew up enjoying watching the buffalo he raised as well as spending a lot of time in the woods, and swimming in the pond. I enjoy a quieter life and I'm glad my kids have many fond memories of their Grands..the ones that were here and the ones in the city. We're having lots of rain here too and I'm just finishing up some projects that can be done indoors. Have a good weekend!

    1. Oh I spent many times swimming in the pond and even Lake Huron growing up. So glad your kids got to enjoy farm life even though you did not. Janice

  5. So many wonderful memories of growing up on a farm! We definitely had blessed childhoods, didn't we? My mom and dad kept their farm until their early 80's, so my daughter has find memories of visiting the farm too (we lived 10 minutes away). Always love your cupboard scapes, Janice - you have beautiful things and a real knack for showcasing them. Jane

  6. Hi Janice, I loved reading this post and seeing all your wonderful keepsakes. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Thank you Susie! Farm life was the best for me as a kid! Janice

  7. My only set of Grandparents lived on a farm in Indiana where we visited in the Summer months. My Mom would help with all those cleaning chores from stove suet that meant washing down walls, curtains, scrubbing floors etc. They had no running water and I too remember the enamelware bowl for washing hands and the enamelware bucket with matching ladel for drinking water only. The farm was primitive, with an outhouse, but it did have electricity that ran a wringer washer on the back porch. However, the water to fill the washer came from the huge barrels outside that caught the rain water. All that water had to be hauled inside and then dirty water hauled out. It was a CHORE! I also remember taking a bath the the large tin bathing tub where water was hauled in heated on the wood stove and then dirty water was hauled back out.

    Like you, the rural and simple life memories have stuck in my mind to this day and is why I love antiques and primitives so much. Thank-you for sharing your farm memories with your June cupboard space!

    1. Gramma B had no running water either. We had to use an outhouse up until I was a teen. We did the same with the water...clean in and dirty out. My mo lived like this all her life and HATES primitives. Janice

  8. What a lovely post. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I much appreciate it... I remember my grandparent's little farm. They were homesteader. I have fond memories of the type of lifestyle you describe and I have used those types of old irons and they worked beautifully. Everything was ironed in those days and laundry was done by hands. I remember the blisters on my tender young hands. It was a blessed lifestyle just the same. It was a happy time because hard work built character. Thanks for the memories.

    1. Yes I wish my kids could have spent time on the farms. It sure did build character. Janice


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