Sunday, June 30, 2019

Close Ups Part II

June is one day away from being July.
Me, I am happy to see it go.
It was the rainiest one here
 in our neck of the woods.
Just hoping July will not be the same.
Speaking of July,
the next posts after this one will all
feature my July 4th decor for 2019.
Since I really did not decorate last July,
I went all out this year....

Today however,
more close ups of our blue and white
Summer bedroom.

After I made the bed with the last post,
I realized I forgot to add this wedding ring quilt
I had purchased.

This is our headboard.
A quilt rack with a blanket and coverlet.

Our bed dust ruffle is a blue/ white ticked one.

This is where you will find Ace every day. 

The first time this quilt is on the bed.

Do you like the new quilt Ace?

Seems so as he did not blink an eye
when I was taking these pics.

Today you will find me working on
a new witch pillow.
I started working on her yesterday.

What will you be doing today?

Ace Approved Blessings To All!


  1. How very pretty everything looks.........and Alice looks very content! I finally finished a table linen set that I have been embroidering on "forever" and now have 3 projects.....again......long term projects to decide on. Such a good feeling to get a project finished! Cant wait to see your July 4th decorations and your witch pillow!

    1. I have so many projects that I would not know where to start...and now I am starting more. Lol

  2. Sorry......I called Ace, my previous comment. Ace knows a good quilt when he see it! Your decorating is always so pretty! Cant wait to see your July 4th decoration and your witch pillow!

    1. No problem. He is our investigator. Always has to be there when something knew comes in the house. I cannot wait to show my July 4th decor too... starts tomorrow. Janice

  3. Love your headboard.
    Went to a vintage market today and pretty much struck out. Yesterday was another story. I would have needed to take out a second mortgage if I bought all the crocks, samplers and wallboxes I loved. Maybe in my next life...sigh.
    Happy Sunday 😊

    1. So sorry to hear you could not find Anything within your price range. I am still trying to find an early sampler I can afford. Janice

  4. I especially love those sweet "cat pillows" on the bed! My "cat pillow" seems to leave as soon as I arrive!

    1. Lol our cat pillows are normally on our bed all day. Janice

  5. Blue and white for a bedroom is such a warm and calming combination. But, I have to admit, my favorite photos are with Ace as a feature!! How I miss having a kitty on my bed all comfy for a nap.

    Here is hoping your July is a more normal one up your way. I am not sure any of us are having a regular weather month. We sure aren't in Florida with heat indexes over 100 every day for the past week!

    Happy Fourth of July!

    1. Yes it is Winnie! I so love blue and then there is red. AAaahhhh. Ace is our baby. We have had more rain still and now hot. UGH. Crazy weather and hope you get some relief soon. Janice

  6. Hi Janice,
    Just lovely and if Ace approves, it must be good!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful AND DRY 4th!!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

    1. Yep Ace approved must be a winner winner chicken dinner! LOL We hope it will be dry for the 4th too...fingers croseed. Janice

  7. We too have had a very wet June. We are hoping we will begin to feel some summer like weather soon. Great display of your blue and white decor. Love the combination of textures and designs. I love everything from the quilt on the bed to the coverlet at the head of the bed, the hooked rug and all your other home decor.

    1. Well here it is now hot and rainy. Thanks for you sweet comment! It means alot! Janice


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