Tuesday, June 18, 2019

A Love Of Linen

 Gramma H. grew to love linen.
Her birth name was Ilda.
She was of German descent.
She married my paternal Grandpa in 1928.
Charles [Charlie] was of French descent.
Born in 1899 he was a farmer as was his father. 
With many sister in laws,
gramma began to love the French traditions.
One of them changing up her curtains
in Spring with airy white linen ones.

Lately I have been remembering more
of my Gramma's farmhouse traditions.
I had these large antique buttons.
Purchased this fabric for $20.33 with tax. 

Since this fabric is not very thick,
I left the frayed edges in tact.
I folded the fabric over 
then hand sewed the buttons on.

Five buttons for each curtain.

One completed and hanging in our bedroom.

White and airy.

Love how these curtains billow with the wind.
Red curtain on the right
 is what I previously had hanging.

The three curtains finished.
So for $20.33 it cost me about
$7.00 per curtain as the buttons were free.
Not a bad investment for these.

I think gramma would be proud.
It is nice having the windows open
at night with the breeze coming in.
 With the old curtains,
the breeze did not come in as much.

However more rain is coming in 
for the next three days.
Will it ever end?
The canals just up the road have risen
with the water coming over the streets.
Those folks are stranded now....
stranded between the canal and the big river 
we live by.
My next post will be of our Summer
blue and white bedroom.

Stay tuned.

White Curtain Blessings To All!


  1. Your curtains look great and little effort or cost. I'm frugal too.

    1. Thank you Saundra. They were easy peasy to make! Janice

  2. Hi Janice! I love billowing curtains - it definitely takes me back, as my mom always had her "summer" curtains. The buttons make them extra charming. Jane

    1. Thank you Jane! They so remind me of my gramma's in her farmhouse. I just love them. So glad it brought back memories for you too! Janice

  3. Great curtains and don't we all love a good bargain?

  4. Hi Janice,
    Such lovely curtains and a great deal, too! I wish I could open my windows right now, but it would be TOO HOT, so will enjoy your photos! Wish you could send us some of your rain and I would send you some sunshine!! Sound like a good plan to you??
    Take care and enjoy your week, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~

    1. I will gladly send the rain for some sunshine my friend! It is suppose to rain again here for the next 2 days....I order it to go to Arizona. POOF...let's see if it works. :-) Janice

  5. wonderful idea for summer curtains. I change my main living room and dining room curtains to white see through curtains. It brightens the room up a lot and billow with the breeze.

  6. So glad to hear someone else changes their curtains for the warmer months. It so does make the room bigger and brightens it up! Janice

  7. Ohhh, your bedroom curtains turned out lovely with your vintage buttons! The look so summery with the breeze blowing them too. I hear your pain about the never ending rains!! Every day is the same forecast: low 90s with thunder storms. Repeat for the next 3 months.

  8. Thank you Winnie! Yes it seems to be the weather pattern here. One day of sunshine and then 2 of rain...repeat. Streets are flooding now along the many canals that formed from the big river eons ago. Its a mess everywhere. The water has reached our dock now and I am afraid to go out on it. Janice

  9. Thank you Krishna! They were pretty easy to make and I so love the breeze coming through the windows now. Janice

  10. I love that you are remembering your grandma's traditions. It looks so fresh and lovely, those pretty curtains!

    1. Thank you Jeanie! I have so many good memories of my grammas. Janice

  11. Janice, what a pretty sight at your bedroom windows. Changing up for summer is always so refreshing. Thanks for your visit to me. I always love to see how others put together blue and white so am anxious to see your next post, and I do think we are of like minds..Happy Wednesday..Judy

    1. Well my style is more primitive, but am slowly changing into more of a farmhouse look...blue and red have always been favorite colors of mine and then the wood mixed in. Stat tuned. Janice


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