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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Its Alive

The garden that is.

These bellflowers usually bloom in May.
Me thinks because of all of the rain,
our Spring flowers bloomed late this year.

The kiwi vine is turning into its glorious
colors of green pink and white.

Honeysuckle is bursting out now,
and I saw my first hummingbird visit yesterday.
They love this vine!

I finally planted some flowers for Summer.
The orange lantana will bloom in shades
 of orange, pink and yellow.
Blue salvia in the middle.
While I added these osteospermum in the back.
These are white daisies with blue centers.
Planted 2 flats of these three flowers.

My birds nest spruce is turning its lovely
shade of green.

Our little corner of paradise.

The wrens make their nest 
in this small birdhouse each year.  
They trill all day long....
and I never get tired of it.

Our wagon decked out for Summer.

We ate dinner last night on our front porch.
This tree frog joined us.
After dinner I moved him to our tree
so he would be safer.
He is afterall a tree frog.

Today I will be finishing my laundry....
and either hooking or stitching.
Have not decided what to do yet.

What are your plans?

Garden Blessings To All!


  1. Tree frogs are the coolest things. Was amazed at their feet as they have suction toes which enable them to climb.

    1. Yes they are. We have both yellow and green ones here. Janicce

  2. It is so nice to see everything so green!
    The bugs here near the lake are so bad. They look like mosquitoes but don't bite. They live in the shrubbery and flowers and swarm by the 10's of thousands. It's nearly impossible to do any yard work. ARGH!!!
    Hopefully a little hooking today and maybe mow...but I must remember to keep my mouth closed so I'm not eating the bugs.

    1. Guess the fish flies have arrived in town now, so at night it gets so bad that it is like driving on ice. So have to be careful. Janice

  3. Your garden is looking very green and happy and your yard is very pretty with the way you have things set up. Warm weather is a treat after such a long and stubborn Winter and cool Spring you had. I know you enjoy being able to enjoy eating outside and seeing your little Wren friends and Hummers return for the season. We have had a wonderful steady rain the past 24 hours and things outside seem to be growing by the minute. After so many weeks of drought, the trees and grass are smiling!!

    1. Thank you Winnie. I would like to get another flat and plant more...but we will see. I did enjoying being outside over the weekend. I hooked outside and listened to the birdies and watched some come to the birdbath. Such a great feeling being outside. Janice

  4. Beautiful! the garden is coming to shape..

    1. Yes it is starting to Krishna. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you back blogging soon. Miss you. Janice

  5. Wonderful gardens and the sweet tree frog with the loud voice. At least our tree frogs make the loudest noise for such a little frog. We went on a garden walk and sat on the porch that was our Sunday

    1. Thanks Cathy! Yes the tree frogs here are lod too...but so dang cute with their webbed feet. Janice

  6. Happy Weekend...a few weekends late LOL... Running behinder than usual it seems. Love seeing all your gardening and yard photos. I think you really are even further behind than we are. Our hummers have been here long enough to drink down two feeders already. But I am still not convinced we are out of the woods weather wise. We still get down in the low 40’s at night, and we still have 1 nice day (i.e., without rain, but usually windier than all get out...but I consider it nice as it might be dry), and then 5 or 6so of rain. I’ve heard that they expect spring to get here in July OL. ~Robin~

  7. Its been a rainy weekend here again! UGH. Janice


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