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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

In Honor Of Old Glory

Our Grand Old Flag.
With Flag Day being June 14th,
I wanted to share some flags around the house.

My flag pillow made of strips of fabric on muslin.
Me thinks it looks good with some of my red quilts.

This flag in the lavender.
The eagle shade lamp is a great patriotic one too!

Flag banner underneath the fireplace mantle.
I will change this up for July 4th a bit.
Stay tuned on this one.

Although this pic is a bit dark. It is a paper bag 
with white hydrangeas and two flags on each side. 

Another flag pillow I made.

Finally at the front door is
this proud flag with tiny blue
faux hyacinths.

In other news,
the fish flies and mayflies have arrived in town.
Fish flies look similar to moths.
Mayflies look like gray butterflies 
with somewhat of a caterpillar body.
They come out of the lakes and river to mate,
lay eggs and die.

They are a bit of a nuisance though
as they come out in packs.
The mayflies go towards the light,
and because of this they end up in the road
and cars start to run over them.
So much that the roads can become slick.
Like driving on ice.

The fish flies swarm like gnats.
Also a headache if you are near them.

Even though they are a big nuisance,
having them in swarms means the river and lake
is we will welcome them...
maybe not with open arms, but they only stay
for a few weeks...
so we will tolerate them as we want clean water.

Today my mom arrives and I will
be taking her to her annual eye appt. tomorrow.
She has this degenerative eye disease,
and may need an eye transplant.
They like to check it yearly...
and so far so good....knock on wood.

Well my friends, its off to work I go.
Have a great Wednesday!

Pre Flag Day Blessings To All!


  1. Love your sweet pillow with the buttons ☺️

    1. Thank you Rose. I made the flag pillow as a fire away last year and kept one for myself. Janice

  2. lovely as always we have our flag decorations up too and my porch is pretty patriotic

  3. The joys of living near the water. Ugh. What you call fish flies are what I call lake flies. Ours don't look like moths but mosquitoes. The are in the bushes and plants by the 10's of thousands and swarm when you get near. They have been exceptionally bad this year and have lingered on. We get the mayflies, what we call Canadian soldiers, at the end of the month. They totally disgust me and freak me out. I am like a mad woman when one lands on me. I know they are a sign of a healthy lake, but that doesn't make me feel any
    LOVE all your patriotic touches. God Bless America 🇺🇸

    1. least our bugs don't reach our house. More Patriotic to come in future posts. Janice

  4. Nice display of Old Glory. Cute flag pillow you made.

    1. Thank you Saundra. Made the flag pillow last year. Janice

  5. Ohh, I love your patriotic gatherings in honor of upcoming Flag Day! I never tire of old crocks with blue decorations. Can't you just imagine them full of pickles and sauerkraut back in the day?? I commiserate about the fish flies because this time of year we have the deer flies, and brother, if they bite you that bite will itch like fire for 3 weeks and create a huge red welt! I think Spring brings out some of the worst insects, aside from the always abundant mosquitoes down here!!

    Happy Flag Day!

    1. Stay tuned for more Winnie! Do you have the love bugs by you? Janice

  6. This is so festive and I love the vintage look.

    Best wishes for your mom's eye appointment.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Krishna. Made the pillow last year. Janice

  8. Hooray for the red, white and blue! Love all your patriotic touches. I only got a few things out before company from north of the border arrived. Hope to get back at it next week. We usually never have many bugs here in Nod as we always have wind...but this year I have actually seen a mosquito or two...and the dang June bugs. How I despise those things! ~Robin~

  9. Have not seen a June bug in quite awhile. Hope I have not jinxed myself now. LOL Janice


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