Thursday, June 6, 2019

Tis The Season

My favorite time of Spring.
Strawberry season is here.

When I was a child I would pick them off the vine.
Either at my parents or grandparents homes.
Gramma H, gramma B and my mom
all made strawberry jam.
We would eat them fresh,
with hand churned ice cream,
or jam on toast or even a pie.

When my kids were little we would visit
the strawberry farm.
We would get a hay ride out to the field,
and we always had fun picking our own.
I would freeze them and make pies.
We would also just eat them.

Wish I could have taken my grandkids there.
The farmer sold out and now it was turned
into a subdivision called
Strawberry Knolls.

I do not have time for any kind of garden...
and so wish I could have me some fresh 
strawberries again.

The ones in the grocery store 
just don't have that home grown juiciness.

However I have to purchase them  
if I want them.
I add sugar and a bit of water.

Love my enamel colander.
It has seen its days...
but still holds my berries.

Do you like strawberries?

Do you hand pick strawberries?

How do you prepare them?

Strawberry Blessings To All!


  1. I love strawberries but they are not ripe here yet another couple of weeks yet I think.
    straight from the field nice and warm by the sun.

    1. Yes strawberries from the field are best! Janice

  2. I agree completely! I live in the city, but have a small strawberry patch the size of a twin bed that can yield up to 10 - 13 pounds of strawberries a year. Unfortunately, the polar vortex decimated the patch and we had to replant this spring. This year I have to buy my strawberries at the farmer's market. It's not quite the same...
    Blessings, Patti

    1. Hopefully your strawberries do good this time. Janice

  3. I liked that the subdivision used the name Strawberry Knoll. Kind of ‘a nod’ to the history of the land. 🍓
    Homegrown strawberries are the best !

  4. I Love Strawberries too !!! I pick them now with my 5 year old Grand daughters , that is the best part ! When my son was 14 he worked on a farm picking them ….I have a special collection of strawberry plates & strawberries I have punched & made ...Fun !!!

    1. How fun to have memories of strawberries as you do. Janice

  5. We live a short distance from the Plant City...the town where my mother grew up. It's strawberry country and chances are if your berries aren't from California, they are from Plant City. Every year they have a big festival. When my mother was in high school she was on the court as a strawberry princess. Her picture is till hanging on the wall in the fairgrounds. Lots and lots of strawberries get eaten at our house!

    1. Yep our strawberries come from CA. What a nice memory of your mom. Thanks for sharing Robyn! Janice

  6. Hi Janice,
    Yes, I LOVE strawberries for SO MANY REASONS!!! First, because they are just plain YUMMY! Second, they are RED! Third, they make me HAPPY! Plus, I LOVE making them out of old fabrics, especially RED VELVET!! Recently I even made some out of old quilts and tied them to antique butter paddles!! So prim!!
    We have been eating them here most every day!!
    Hope you have a great week, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

    1. Yes I know how you love your color red Julie! Your creations are wonderful too. Janice

  7. I grew up on a small farm where my parents had a huge strawberry patch. Nothing is better than warm berries off the vine. My mom spent many backbreaking hours picking them for the roadside stand. We enjoyed strawberry jam and frozen berries year around.

    1. Yep strawberries from the vine are best! Hard work picking them, but so worth it. Did you happen to work your family roadside stand too? Janice

  8. I love strawberries and am growing my own for the first time. I only have a few plants (and they are coming on slow) but I hope by next year they will spread and I'll have many more. Till then, I'll enjoy the few I get!

    1. I need to get a few plants and grow my own again. Hope your produce lots! Janice

  9. I love Strawberries and we are so lucky down here in Florida because they start being available in January and last through April. My Mom grew strawberries in small garden off the kitchen, in Virginia. The berries then were smaller in size and so much sweeter. Today, many berries are huge but often sour. I think they taste best when picked ripe and eaten soon thereafter. Enjoy your new arrivals up in Michigan!!

    1. Yes they are bigger with no flavor in the stores. Love them in salads too. Janice

  10. I've tried growing strawberry, but never got success.

    1. What a treat to hear from you Krishna. Hope all is well with you and your family! Janice

  11. Strawberries always seem to hold the highest honors and win the popularity contests amongst the berries, but while I do enjoy some fresh strawberries (or chocolate covered ones, or strawberry pizza), I much prefer raspberries, blackberries and blueberries to strawberries. I know, I know, I’m the odd (wo)man out LOL. Hope you had as beautiful a Saturday weather-wise as we have had! ~Robin~

  12. I actually love ALL berries and mix them all in a fruit salad...strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. I also include watermelon, cantaloupe and honey dews. We had a glorious Saturday....rain coming it later this evening. Janice


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