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Monday, June 24, 2019

Close ups

Hello friends!

This weekend was the first one without rain.
I was outside for quite a bit.
Being outside you get to see lots around you
that you normally don't see.

The Crows, Grackles and Blackbirds 
greeted the morning with great fanfare.

The piping calls of the Woodpecker
had me looking up as well.
It was a Redheaded one that flew near me.

While the Mourning Doves
echoed their sentiment.

A Bald Eagle flew his domain back and forth
above me. What an awesome sight that was,
as we normally do not see these majestic birds
this time of the year. 
We know there are 7 pairs that live here 
all year long, but in the Summer months,
they usually stick to the islands where the 
ducks hang out.

Entertaining me 
were the black and gray squirrels. 
They would grab the maple seeds
[helicopters as we call them]
hold them in their hands and break them open
with their teeth to eat the seed.

Then I was spooked by a squirrel 
who joined me on the porch.
Not sure who was more or the squirrel.
He/ she was trying to get more helicopters.
He scurried to our pear tree where
the wrens were not too happy with the presence either.

Each morning the freighters would blow
their horn 5 times warning
 the fisherman in the river to

Then I noticed two planes who crossed paths
directly above me at different altitudes.

Those who visited the birdbath were the Bluejays,
Robins, House Wrens, Sparrows and Cardinals.

A  Yellow Goldfinch paid a visit as well.

The Bumblebees and Hummers took turns
eating the nectar from the Honeysuckle vine.

Then the Northern Flicker landed in our yard.
Once he saw me, he flew away showing off
his white butt as he left.

The bunnies continue to feed off the clover
that appeared in our grass.
We even have a baby one this year.

The Ribbon Snake gave me a fright as
I went out back to start the grill for our dinner.
They only get 3 ft and are non poisonous.
They keep the mice in check.

Towards the evening 
the Dragonflies made an appearance. 

Then the the Heron flew by heading back
 towards the water for his evening feeding.

The Tree frog and Leopard Frog sang together. 
The Crickets began their evening song...
and the mosquitoes chased us back inside
after dinner each night.

Hope you can take the time to get outside.
One never knows what is right out there
under your nose and up in the sky.

Close Up Blessings To All!


  1. you had a very busy yard! We had a great weekend too and I worked in my gardens.

    1. Too wet to work in the garden for me. When I walk on the grass it is like walking on a sponge. Janice

  2. I enjoyed the have some sweet treasures. And you are quite knowledgeable about our feathered, furry, and winged friends. My mother (and two of my siblings) were nuts about birds and knew them all so well. Unfortunately, I am quite pathetic in the identification department. There is a new song maestro in our yard as of this last week that I have never heard before...and I cannot get a glimpse of him either. Would like to know who is singing so beautifully to me! ~Robin~

    1. I did forget the Red Winged Blackbirds I saw to. I know all of the birds in our area. Maybe your maestro is a wren. You can Google what they sound like. Janice

  3. Oh my! You saw a lot! I would have no idea what half those were (and I'd freak with the snake!) Wasn't it nice to have sun for a change?

    1. The snake spooked me a bit, but they are harmless. Thanks for stopping by! Janice

  4. Janice, I do love those blue and white pillows and quilt. There is always a place for blue and white anything in my house! And I spotted your adorable faceless dollie angel sitting with a heart around her neck. She took the prize and won my heart!

    1. The faceless dollie is holding a strawberry Winnie. Thanks for spotting her. Made her a long time ago. Janice

  5. Hi Janice,
    I love to hear the birds in concert, don't you?? One of our neighbors actually can do a number of bird calls and she sounds just like the real thing!! Amazing!! Just hope the birds aren't fooled or she will have lots of visitors of the winged variety!!!
    Thanks for the close ups of your lovely pieces, too!!
    Have a great week, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. WOW how cool to be able to call birds! I just love watching and hearing them...especially the wrens! Hope you have a great week too my friend! Janice


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